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I have been doing Whole 30 for the first time almost 30 days now---Sunday August 19th will be my 30th. For those who don't know I was very ill with an unknown GI condition (I say unknown because my doctor said it would be a lifelong condition that required meds 4 times a day with no other alternative). Since day 1 starting Whole 30 I have not had to take ANY of my stomach meds----so HAHA doctor that said the program was "bunk"!

Now, I'm coming up on the reintroduction days. Everyone has asked me if I'm going to reintroduce, because why mess with what is working? But for me, I need answers. I want to know what caused my problems to being with. Prior to starting I had been Gluten Free for 2-3 years (because of gut problems--and it worked for a while). But here are my questions:

Day 1, I have a serving of dairy with each meal and assess........Day 2,3,4 I eat Whole 30 again, Day 5 I reintroduce gluten grains, right?

So if I react to dairy the answer is obvious: don't eat it. But if I don't.....is it okay to eat it during the rest of the trial or should I strictly use trial days for ONLY the item being tested?


In my case should I test sugar do you think? Could that have caused intestinal agony?

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It seems to me that testing one suspect food at a time and allowing plenty of time between testings--especially if you have a reaction--would be a good way to reduce confounding variables.

I plan to test myself for dairy. I will begin with heavy cream only and proceed from there after a week or two if things seem alright.

Good luck!


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Yes, if you have GI issues I would go slower than the standard recommendation. Then, if you have a reaction, I would remove the new food and see if you have improvement. If not, after a week or so, remove the prior food. Does that make sense? No point wasting the effort you've put in so far!

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