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Its not going to be perfect, but giving it my best shot - A wholeish pregnancy


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Sooo I posted this yesterday in the Post-Whole30 area, and just wanted to move it to its proper home…


Welcome to a no judgement zone…I'm looking at you labmini!  


So here I am 6ish weeks pregnant with my second child.  Yes this is early to be talking about it, but I need to act immediately or I fear things (my eating habits) will get out of control.


A little background - Sad but true weight has always been an "issue" for me.  Whether in my head or on my body its what I struggle with.  I have a super happy life, but weight and being consistent (this is going to be a theme) with any "program" has always taken up too much brain space.  I fought my weight through my twenties working an INSANE job, for an even CRAZIER human (sometimes I wondered) had me yo-yoing for my entire 8 years there.  2010 I got married and was happy with where I was (142-147) I put some happy weight back on up to somewhere between 150-155 - and now I realize that I should probably aim to live my life at about 150lbs.  Then I became pregnant with my daughter in 2011 and all bets were off!  I was really ill the first 12 weeks and the only thing I thought I could tolerate was pizza, fast food really any garbage I could get my hands on.


I gained 73lbs during my pregnancy and will NEVER forget seeing 230lbs on the scale that they weighed me on before I delivered.  Mind you I am 5'3" tall so it was an unhealthy amount of weight and the foods I ate were soooo unhealthy- a lot of it was fear and a lot of it was I felt I had a reason not to "care" about my weight, I was pregnant! I thought I could eat what I wanted.


I read that above line and feel so selfish - I should have eaten better not only for me, but HELLO! the tiny baby I was growing.  I was in survival mode for most of my pregnancy knowing I was going to leave my crazy-pants job when I had my daughter, so I just forged on.


I lost all the weight over an 18 month period, had a new and more sane job and we as a family were in a good groove.  Over that time I found paleo and Whole9 and of course the Whole30 program.  I did 1 legit Whole30, a Whole22 (stomach bug stopped me in my tracks that time) and have started and stopped a few other times. After the Whole22 in September of 2013 I started gaining weight back and have not been able to take it off.  I bounce around the 170's right now and was really focusing on getting the 20-30lbs to move before having another child.


Well, this little one had different plans!  So here I am at 177ish and 6ish weeks pregnant.  So now my goal is a healthy pregnancy and baby, eating as close to Whole30 as I can without going crazy.


I want to keep striving for Whole30 days, but if I am feeling gross and a homemade coconut flour muffin happens - I am not going to sweat it.  And I really want to be consistent with workouts.  Moving everyday.  


If you have gotten to the bottom of this post, congrats, and thank you for reading.


I plan on posting how my days went from food to sleep to consistently moving to mental stability to just surviving and trying to do my best each day.  If I can string some Whole30 days together, well great.  Here we go!

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So yesterday and this morning are most def "ish" days.


I am looking forward to the weekend where I can do  little more planning and prepping, and I go to the Dr. tonight so I am excited for that.


this is going to be a pretty boring update, but I am going to try to eat my packed lunch (all compliant) and just keep going.


I am finding that my "morning" sickness actually strikes at night- about 6:40 last night it hit and I could not kick it until I went to sleep.  So my plan is to not get too hungry, meaning a snack on the trim ride home to hold me over until dinner.


I know my funky mood is coming from not working out yesterday and fearing I won't tonight after the Dr.  


Other than the train snack - one thing I have learned is that I am going to need to work out in the morning.  This may mean shorter workouts, but if I can get them done in the morning and go to yoga at night even if I am nauseous then I will be in a great place.  So here is to bed at 9:30 and up at 5:00



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Thanks so much for the kind words Emma!


Went to the Dr last night and everything is so far so good, I think I woke up feeling a little mentally lighter this morning because of it.  I was able to get up and do a PiYo workout.  My first one and now I know that I can "stack" them either do both upper and lower body together or add a walk in that day.  Hoping to do some lifting to get that back in my rotation.


Have to start meal planning for next week along with deciding what else I am going to make.


Will report back with my plan

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I give massive kudos to anyone who's able to do this during pregnancy! The only things I could keep down were PBJ sandwiches and blueberry yoghurt smoothies...while sitting on the couch because I was SO TIRED! Granted, this was all pre-whole30 knowledge on my part. Go, go, go, girl!

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Thanks so much for the encouragement!  I really appreciate it.


This weekend was rough and filled with not so great choices.  This morning I woke up feeling pretty good, but could not tear myself out of bed for a workout so tonight - nauseous or not I have to get in a workout.


Food is better planned today because I had to pack it up for work


Train - smoothie with berries, greens, 1/4 avocado and organic kefir <------ Not whole 30, but I am ok with it because it is high quality 

Br- Monkey salad made with banana, walnuts and coconut, cup of tea (feeling a little icky right now, but hoping it will pass)


Planned lunch is salad with (probably not compliant, but didn't want to waste) salmon patty.  O&V dressing


Train snack - apple with pecans


Dinner- l/o turkey, green veg and squash 


Not going to be counted as a Whole30 day, but if I can stick to this, I am happy with my choices


Today marks week 7, I have a very long haul ahead of me!


I was doing a little planning and think I am going to continue to try and string some Whole30 days together through the holidays and embark on a "legit" As I like to call it Whole30 in January.  I should be out of the feeling yucky stage and really ready to focus 

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So the "morning" sickness leveled me last night.  Didn't matter what I ate, it was bad, really bad.


Good news is I woke up this morning without an alarm and talked myself into a workout.  And let me tell you that workout humbled me!  It was one I haven't done in a while and I thought it would be no big deal, but it was, it pushed me and I am so glad it did.  And I had a bit of a light bulb moment.  I don't need to have a "plan" per say right now.  Sometimes I get so bogged down with training plans that  paralyze myself if I don't follow them perfectly and end up doing nothing.  As long as I am moving everyday and getting to yoga when I can I am in a better place than I was with my last pregnancy.  Its the just do SOMETHING plan and for right now I am going to go with it.


Dinner last night was not as planned,  but I know I could have eaten more, but I stopped myself at a decent portion, so I am taking that as a positive. Also no matter what I ate it didn't help with the queasiness so I should have just stuck on plan...


Today's food:

I am already finding that I am hungrier because of the workout this morning.

P/W - 2 pieces sausage

Train - well I finished it before I got on the train! Smoothie (berries, greens, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 banana, Kefir)

M1- Monkey Salad (Banana, shredded coconut, walnuts)

M2- Salad with O&V maybe a salmon patty, maybe not - I can smell it in my mini fridge here and am not sure how I feel about it…so I will find some other protein

Train - Apple and small handful of pecans

M3- FFYS night, so probably eggs and I have some kale that needs to be cooked


And I am sure this is because I am trying to eat as well as I can,  but I am having a FANTASTIC hair day

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Feeling really good about yesterday and this morning so far!


Last nights dinner was 2 crispy fried eggs over homemade chunky tomato sauce, cauliflower and some sausage and I felt AWESOME all night.  

No queasiness , and really felt good.  I am thinking its because I didn't have any starch to raise my bloodsugar and cause a potential drop.  


I was reading on Modern Paleo Midwife, that while we want to eat starchy carbs sometimes they can raise blood sugar and then when it drops again the nausea can worsen.  I am guessing thats what happened on Monday night and why I felt so good last night, so I am going to try it again tonight and hopefully I will feel great again. This is also making me acknowledge I need more solid protein in the morning as I am queasy after breakfast


I did a treadmill hill walking workout this morning, and while it was short I got sweaty and am so glad I did it. Consistency my friend! 


Anywhoodle - here is the plan for today

P/W - 1 piece sausage

Train - well I finished it before I got on the train! Smoothie (pineapple, greens, coconut milk) didn't love it, thought the CM made it gritty, 2 pieces of sausage

M1- Monkey Salad (Banana, shredded coconut, walnuts)

Snack - handful of pecan and some olives to quell queasiness

M2- tuna, going to go in search of a big pickle to go with it

Train - Apple and small handful of pecans

M3- defrosted Turkey meat in the fridge so maybe a Turkey burger with some leftover veg, and maybe the kale I need to cook! 


Here's to a good day and maybe even some PIYO tonight! 

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Chugging right along 


Next week I am going to try and go full whole30. I am feeling pretty good, and this week was able to manage my nausea by staying away from white and starchy carbs (imagine that?) 


So yesterday was good, except that I was HUNGRY!  So for lunch instead of my tuna salad I had planned I hit chipotle.  Had some corn salsa and the steak so the bowl was not compliant, but next time it will be.


Dinner was turkey burgers and cauliflower, then I went to yoga!


This morning I got up and did a Cathe workout.  Her workouts always kill me, and this 40 min workout took me 48 because I had to stop and catch my breath during it, but I did it and I am very glad I did.  I may try and hit a yoga class tonight, but will see how it goes.


We may be eating eggs for dinner as I didn't take anything out of the freezer and can't stand the sight of roasted chicken/turkey so we shall see


Feeling a bit tired this morning so hoping to shake that but other wise like I said, chugging along this week.


Next week Whole30 clean out your freezer style!

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Just popping in quickly.  


I am getting very excited for my Whole5 next week.  We are headed to my parents on the 25th, and I am going to do my best, but don't want to stress that day.


So I had a bit of a rough day- I weighed myself this morning and jumped into the next "decade" of pounds and it kind of derailed me today.  I feel like I have been doing ok, but know I can do better.  This is a Whole30 log by the way and I have not had any whole30 days yet, so what should I expect?


So instead of turning this into what I usually do, and just toss out the baby with the bathwater, I am using it as motivation for next week.


I know what I need to do, I am going to take some time and plan, as well as make the few things I need in advance (MAYO!)


I am going to enjoy this weekend with my family and celebrate my husband's birthday while staying in control and Whole it up on Monday!

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Getting back to it... I am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and so excited to start my whole30 (at least!) on Jan 1. All of my nausea is gone and I am really itching to be active. I have gained too much weight already and feel super puffy and inflamed and still have more than half way to go, so it's time to focus! My husband will be out of town jan 5-8 and honestly that might make it easier! He doesn't like soup or fish so I plan on eating lots!!!!

So jan 1 here I come!!!!

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Sooo January 1st turned into January 5th, but here I am with more motivation than ever.  I have gained as much weight as I wanted to for my entire pregnancy so far and I am only 19 weeks today! But instead of beat myself up over it I am thankful that I and 2.0 are healthy and am motivated to be the healthiest I can be moving forward.  And for me that means a Whole30, then keeping a Whole30 template moving forward.


Also very interested in moving! I need to work out and am so excited to get lifting and Yoga-ing again!


And I am not going to lie that if I lost some weight during this Whole30 I would be thrilled, but even holding steady would be wonderful.  And getting the headaches I have been dealing with under control would be great as well.


Meals for today 

B- a little bit of a green smoothie (it was chunky and I couldn't handle much) 2 prociutto egg cups and arugula with O&V

L- Compliant Chipotle

Sn- if needed choke down the rest of the smoothie

D- veggie and beef "ragu" sauce over spaghetti squash 


I have missed eating so many veggies!


Want to lift tonight as my workout (note to self - DO IT!)

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Great day yesterday and good day so far 


I did do a lower body lifting workout last night so that felt great.


Food today:

Green smoothie with avocado, 2 prociutto egg cups 

left overs from last night - meat sauce over spaghetti squash with zucchini and sun dried tomatoes 

Packed a snack of snap peas and olives have some nuts at my desk I can use if needed

Dinner tonight is pressure cooked chicken thighs with a side of green beans and maybe salad if needed 


Workout tonight should be arms and maybe some treadmill walking 



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I haven't been able to keep up with the log so well, but I am doing great with my Whole30! So far so good - I am keeping it super simple, focusing on veggies but probably need a bit more fat as I have been waking up hungry in the middle of the night. I have been enjoying smoothies in the morning as a gentle detox using cilantro, aloe and hydrating with COconut water as the liquid. Want to get some chia seeds in there too! And I add a half an avocado as well for some fats. Need to work on bone broth and continuing to drink lots of water! I am excited to just keep on trucking!

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Continuing onward- TMI alert, things are moving quite loosely, but I know it's just an adjustment to the veggies

I really am feeling great, finishing my 19th week and will be half way on Monday- wooo hooo!

Planning on yoga tomorrow hoping that will kick start my movement goal, but I must say it's day 6 and I am doing ok

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Ahhh lost one of my posts, but the gist was- doing A OK! I feel good and my motivation is quite high. I am at that point in my mindset that I don't have any other options but to eat this way. I am not being afraid of fruit or starchy veg and my green (very green) smoothie is really helping with healthy fats and green veggies -

I have been making it with

Greens including parsley or cilantro

Coconut water

I (maaaayyyybe 2) part fruit

1/2 an avocado

Aloe- I need to add some chia seeds in there too!

Won't have one this morning, but already looking forward to it while I am cooking dinner tonight

So things are going well and if I could just get moving I would really feel like a rock star.

My biggest concern is that I am going to be travelling and on business for 2 weeks at the end of January but I am already planning on stocking my hotel room with some essentials

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So resurrecting this log but now it's for postpartum reasons. My second daughter arrived on Monday June 1st and 10 days later I started my whole 30.

I feel really good and am noticing some things about myself that I will continue to tweak.

My biggest revelation is that my emotions are a little more in check when I eat this way. I haven't been weepy since I started.

Also cashews and grapes are food without brakes for me, so once they are gone they are not coming back in the house for a bit. I thought I was eating too much fruit but for right now it seems ok - trying to balance the fruit and starchy carbs a bit.

For instance I had cantaloupe with breakfast and know I will have a snack of a peach with almond butter later and butternut squash with dinner so going to lay off the fruit and starchy carbs at lunch.

So far so good 7 days in...

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Day 9 and still trucking along - I have had a headache last night and a bit this morning but think its a cobo caffeine withdraw land dehydration - my job today is to drink water! This weekend will be a little tough I am headed to my parents - where I notoriously eat everything in sight and I think I am going to bring a dessert. Funny tomorrow is also day 10 when most people break but I am going to stay strong - I can always look at my new little one and know I am doing this for the right reasons.

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Day 9 and still trucking along - I have had a headache last night and a bit this morning but think its a cobo caffeine withdraw land dehydration - my job today is to drink water! This weekend will be a little tough I am headed to my parents - where I notoriously eat everything in sight and I think I am going to bring a dessert. Funny tomorrow is also day 10 when most people break but I am going to stay strong - I can always look at my new little one and know I am doing this for the right reasons.


Why bring a dessert? Bring something you can eat, so you have even less temptation to go off plan. I think any of the salads in this post would travel well, and I've taken both the Belly Dance Beet Salad and Sweet & Salty Broccoli Salad to potlucks with non-W30 people, and both got eaten very quickly. Or bring fruit.


Of course you're capable of staying strong through this, even with desserts around, but why tempt fate any more than you have to? Whole30 is hard enough without extra temptations around.

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