Tingling in Hands

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(Currently 22 days in to my first Whole30 experience)


Beginging this week, I have been experiencing tingling/needles in my hands immediately following a meal (and sometimes during my meal). I typically shrug off most things, but this is becoming so consistent that it's creeping me out.



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Guest sareemaree

The sensations you are describing are called paresthesias and there are many possible causes. One of them is hypocalcemia - low blood levels of calcium. This could be due to low dietary intake of calcium and/or vitamin D, or alternatively excessive dietary intake of magnesium - but is more often related to problems with the parathyroid glands. Other symptoms of hypocalcemia are the same tingling sensations in your lips and face, muscle spasms, and facial nerve irritation. You can test for facial nerve irritation yourself by tapping gently on your cheekbone. If doing so causes that side of your face to twitch, you have a positive Chvostek's sign, which is indicative of hypocalcemia. I'm sure there are videos of this on the Internet for demonstration.


However it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that you would only be experiencing this during or immediately after meals. As I said there are many causes of tingling hands that have nothing to do with nutrition or metabolism, for example, a pinched nerve exiting your cervical spine, circulatory problems, or even respiratory issues like hyperventilation. So the bottom line is that if what you are experiencing is troubling you, you should probably see your doctor.

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