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3rd month in and I'm thinking about doing something different...


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I've done 2 w30s (which included a meal with a little extras to separate the two).  I did that in July and August.  I didn't have any health related issues before, and I felt great during both w30.  I've continued to eat clean and am riding my own bike (of which, is similar to a w30).  I ate a bit too much nuts in my 2nd w30 but I've had the correct amounts since. 


My 1st w30 lost weight and inches and the second w30 I didn't see any weight change but I did drop some inches (maybe 2 inches in total - chest and hips).  I was content with that. 


But since completing my second w30 (about 3 1/2 weeks ago) I have seen no change in my physical body.  My weight and measurements have not changed.  I'd like to say I'm ok with that but deep down I know I'm not. 


I do love the way I am eating.  I'm not hungry, I eat the right foods and amounts.  My workouts have been fantastic.  My husband is also following and he feels great as well.  He continues to lose weight/inches but he has more than 50lbs to lose.  


I want to continue this but fear I won't see any more change - although it is the last couple pounds/inches I need too so that could be part of the struggle.  


Has anyone else had a similar issue? did you continue and eventually see some change.  I'm struggling here and not sure my options.  Thanks....

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Sounds like your body and health are in a great place! Would you consider the fact that perhaps where you have landed with good and healthful eating and mindful exercise is where you are meant to be? Even if your body does not conform to the ideals that social media & advertisers place upon we women, does not mean it is not a beautiful and healthful body that deserves to be celebrated...with good food and exercise.


I assume the thing you could do going forward to force change upon your physical self would be to restrict calories or increase exercise (or, heaven forbid, both).  You may find your body changes size but that you lose a lot more than just weight or inches...health, comfort, contentment.  To me...if you are healthy and not hungry and your workouts are great and the other dozen or so markers of health and satisfaction are great.....you're there.


If you have time, a website that I have found EXTREMELY helpful in changing the way that I perceive myself vs what society tells us we must be:  www.beautyredefined.net

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