Is it bad to crave a vegetable?....Pumpkin

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Ok, fall is creeping up on us and I'm already craving pumpkin items. I would be perfectly content with some kind of pumpkin soup, stew, dinner, so it doesn't have to be any of the amazing pumpkin baked items out there, but this has me my craving off? Is it ok to crave like that? I'm searching pumpkin recipes and obviously most are baked items, one of which only has 1.5 tablespoon of coconut flour, but wouldn't want it to turn into SWYPO food. I found a Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry over Coconut Rice recipe on OMGPaleo I thought might be good to try (minus the 1 teaspoon of honey in the rice).

Thoughts on craving veggies?

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By macronutrients, we mean make sure you're getting a palm sized serving of protein, plenty of veggies, and appropriate added fat (about a thumb sized measurement for most folks) at every meal.

Your craving for pumpkin could mean that you aren't getting enough starchy carbs for your body's preference. If your energy levels aren't low, then you really don't need to change anything. But if they are, try upping your carb portions and see if that helps. In other news, pumpkin is an excellent source of W30-friendly starchy carbs!

PS: I tend to crave roasted asparagus with olive oil and salt. OMG.

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Thanks Robin! This info is helpful!

I think I read somewhere on here that for fat content half avocado was good. I was trying to do the one thumb thing with avocado but then read avocados could be half to a whole. Shredded coconut like a handful....??

Need to finish my book, there's just so much info in there (great info)!

You are probably right about upping my carb content with veggies. Good sources would be sweet potatoes and squashes, right? Does zucchini fall in that category?

Love asparagus! Yummy!!!

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