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Day 1 starts 10/10 (5 mins! Better finish that drink! :D)


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I start my 2nd Whole30 tomorrow, and I am so excited! I would love some buddies this round! I think I'm better prepared this time, now knowing exactly how many veggies I will be plowing through, and my fridge is full to bursting. I even scored some local buffalo, grass fed beef, and ground lamb to play with.


My 9 yo has decided to join me this time and will attempt her own Whole15 (stopping in time for Halloween). We've been having sugar issues with my girls, so I'm extra excited about having her buddy with me. I hope to get the whole family eating a lot more healthily with us.


I mostly lived off Whole30 recipes I found online last time, and this time I plan to play around and make some of my own recipes. The first one was for learning, and now this one is for fun!


I also didn't really exercise the first time around, excepting a few walks on pretty days. I was only allowed to walk due to blood pressure issues, but I've since been cleared for 'real' exercise, so I plan to do that this time around. Which means extra meals, I know, so I'll be playing with work-out foods. Would love any tips for that!


For the record, my first Whole30 this summer saw:


* 28 pounds lost (only 4 gained back after quitting - this broke a 3 yr plateau!)


* Completely off blood pressure & thyroid meds


* Was sleeping better & had more energy


* Clearer skin/less acne


* Stomach bloat &/or fat reduction was DRASTIC. My tummy is my problem area. I looked hot! Gotta celebrate that.


* And, of course, a better understanding of nutrition and how my body responds to certain foods.


Let me know if you want to buddy up! I'm going to try to post pics of my meals on facebook to keep me accountable, so PM me if you want to be friends (or look for me in the Whole30 Challenge & Whole30 Recipe Exchange groups).


Thanks a bunch!


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Hey! I'm a little late to this party.... can i join you?


This is my second round too. I had planned to start another round a couple of weeks ago but got a little sick and birthdays came up and school started and *sigh* lol.


I've maintained my 14lbs loss from my first round which ended September 2nd. I didnt exercise (apart from walking and the occasional bike ride) the first time round but now im in a routine of exercise. At the moment i do bodyweight exercises 3x a week - get on my bike when i can and i get at least 10,000 steps a day at least 5 days a week.


How is your first day going?


I have instagram and occasionally use a facebook page. I use hangouts (Google talk), I have a fit bit and use runkeeper when i remember - if you use any of that stuff and want to add me just let me know and i'll give you my details.


First time around I used the Well Fed & Well Fed 2 books - i definitely recommend them! Also Nom Nom Paleo has some really nice recipes (I loooooooooooooooooooove the slow cooker Chicken & Gravy, see recipe here ) What were some of your favorite recipes?




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Hey Ahavah and Mandy!


How's the restart going?????   I'm on Day 8 now and STILL GOING STRONG!  I have more energy, less stomach issues and my "tude seems to be getting positive as well!  BONUS!


I have that Chicken and Gravy on my menu this week....I wasn't sure about it but now I'm PSYCHED!  THANKS!


So far, my favorite recipe from last week was : http://bydawnnicole.com/2014/05/grilled-chicken-with-tarragon-mushroom-cream-sauce-whole30-compliant.html

Even my husband and 13 yr old daughter LOVED it....actually they have loved EVERY dinner so far!  


One of the recipes we are trying this week is:  http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/skillet-fillets-with-cilantro-butter-10000001142036/  Will let you know how it is!


Happy Sunday to you both!




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Hey Cindi! Happy Sunday to you too!

My restart is going very well so far, I already feel 'cleaner' and only had a very small headache last night before I went to bed, woke up feeling great though.

I hope you enjoy the chicken and gravy, it's a favorite in our house and have it often. I save the left over gravy (if there is any) to have with other meals. It freezes well and I'm planning to have a batch for thanksgiving to go with our turkey.

Both of those recipes look great, especially the chicken.

Are you on a restart or is this your first round?

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Hi, ladies! I'm so glad to have some buddies this round. Sorry that I just disappeared! I ended up getting so sick after Day 1. I had a headache start up that I thought was just from soda withdrawal, but I ended up getting really sick overnight and slept through all of yesterday. I think I picked up something while I was out shopping beforehand & not Whole30 related. My hubby ended up giving me pepto at some point, which in retrospect I worry probably has sugar & all sorts of other gross stuff, but I'm not going to start over because of medicines. All I wanted was crackers & sprite and I avoided those, so I stuck to my whole30 guns imo.


I've recently tried scotch eggs for the first time, and I'm kind of surprised by how much I like them. They seem like a great workout snack. One of my favorite whole30 meals is chicken salad made with avocado instead of mayo. I like mine with shallots or red onion, garlic, and tiny diced red peppers for crunch since I'm not a celery fan, & a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Sometimes I'll add crushed red pepper if I want a kick.


I found a large boston butt on sale, so I decided to play around a few times with it and work out a Whole30-compliant version of my family's carnita recipe (my personal favorite). I'm really looking forward to trying that this time around. The carnitas themselves are pretty much compliant, but I'm planning a spaghetti squash version of fideo and musing over what creamy-textured thing I can substitute for refried beans. I don't see this as SWYPO. I'm glad to have the knowledge & opportunity to try out healthier versions of family favorites. I saw some other Latinas on one of the fb pages talking about how difficult it was just cutting out so many go-to meals, so I may try to do a few compliant Mexican dishes.

I'm going to have to try that chicken & gravy recipe! I hadn't even thought about gravy being compliant. I managed to find both ghee & arrowroot powder this time around, so maybe now I'll play around with different gravies. Or try to talk hubby into doing it, since he's the gravy master.


Well, I've learned that roasted basalmic root veggies are a family favorite too. I made a huge bowl as part of my prep and came out of my sick fugue to find them all gone. I pretty much just roast up whatever veggies I have on hand, sprinkling them with evoo & balsamic vinegar. This time it was red potatoes (since potatoes are allowed now! Yay!), sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and lots of garlic.


I still need to make a menu for next week, so I appreciate all the links!


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How is it going, ladies? I've been sick *twice* since I started on the 10th. I've barely had time for cooking, but I'm hoping to get back on track today. I've stayed on the plan with approved foods, but I've not been eating 3 good meals a day. I'm hoping to do a bigger cook this evening so I can have healthy foods at the ready when I don't have energy to cook. I've also noticed that I won't eat breakfast if I don't have something cooked and ready to grab in the mornings, so I'll be putting together a week's worth of that for sure.

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