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Naive Whole30!


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First post at the end of day 10 of my first whole 30 and I'm looking for a little help!

I've had to start over so I'll be back at day one tomorrow. Tonight there was an incident with a stressed out working mum, a misbehaving child and some leftover banana bread. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks!

Anyway I'm really cranky at myself now as I thought I was coping really well. I wasn't missing anything particularly and had started to feel the benefits in my sleep and energy already. What went wrong?

Stress obviously, part of the reason I'm doing this is to try and manage my stress levels better. As a working mum of 3 boys under 6 that's tough sometimes. Maybe my mentality? I weighed myself (knowing I shouldn't) and wasn't happy enough with the results, even though they were good they weren't as good as I wanted. Uncertainty. I've felt unsure about the amount of food and particularly fat I'm eating and I'm concerned I'm getting it all wrong. I go by the meal planning template but to get through a whole avocado plus other fat sources in a day seems excessive. I'm reading ISWF but I don't seem to get how all the fat is ok. I'll post a day worth of food as well and see if anyone has been kind enough to stick with my ranting and see what they think. Thanks!

Breakfast. 7am

Grilled chicken, an egg, sweet potato, zoodles with spinach and mushroom and half an avocado

Decaf Coffee with coconut milk

Lunch 12pm

Grilled chicken with a tomato based vege sauce, zoodles with spinach and mushroom

Afternoon mini meal 4pm

Leftover lunch with half an avocado

Dinner 7pm

2 egg omelette filled with fajita veges

An orange

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The composition of your meals sounds good. Your dinner sounds too small for an adult. 


Conventional wisdom shared on TV and in magazines for years has been a lie. Fat does not make you fat. Having your hormones in an abnormal rhythm as a result of eating unnatural food products and not sleeping enough makes you fat. Eating Whole30-style with plenty of good fats helps get your hormones to the place they should be and helps you sleep better. This path leads to easily maintaining a healthy weight. 


By the way, weight loss is not incremental. You don't lose a few ounces per day because one of the other big lies is the idea of calories in/calories out. The reality is that when you begin to live a Whole30/Whole9-style life, your body begins to shift gears. Once the transition takes place, your body then begins to change itself. Some people make the transition faster and some slower, but all human bodies respond to this approach. :)

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