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12 hour shift meal plans


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I'm sure this is on here but I'm not having any luck finding it...


12 hour shift workers - can you post some meal plans?  Do you eat M3 at work too?  I'm doing another W30 and this time I'm employed (yeah!) and these 12 hr shifts are messing me up.  I don't really have time to eat M3 at work (60 minutes before shift change is not a time to sit and enjoy a meal and I don't want to shovel in my third meal of the day ;) ).  But I'm STARVING if I wait to eat until 8-9 PM (or midnight on some days when I work until 11:30).  


I also don't really like the idea of eating a real meal just an hour before bed... 


What do you experts do?



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I have this problem. I *try* to eat a mini meal about 4-5 hrs after my lunch (M2) because have zero time to eat a full meal at work other than lunch. Then a eat a proper meal when I get home, which is often 8pm or later. So, I am eating pretty close to bed, but I have no other options and it doesn't seem to bother me. I have more trouble winding down and getting to bed at a proper time due to working late hours than from eating late.

My mini- meal is usually a compliant jerky or 1/2 of a compliant Epic bar and maybe a few macadamia nuts. Have no time to even eat a proper mini-meal at work!

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