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What should I buy at whole foods?

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Print out the shopping list and the rules and read your labels. There are some threads in the sourcing foods section of the forum on this, but even with brand and product recommendations things vary regionally and companies change formulas.


Have you already picked out a few recipes you want to make? If there are specialty ingredients for those Whole Foods will probably have them. Things like coconut aminos for example.

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Do you have a Sprouts near you? I totally dig Sprouts because they carry a lot of the specialty items listed above (coconut aminos, yey!), but I find they're overall less expensive than Whole Foods. Whole Foods has some great specials, but overall I feel like Sprouts is a better bang for your buck. I go to Whole Foods for two things: arrowroot powder and bulk coconut flour because I can't find that stuff anywhere else. I just found arrowroot at Sprouts, though, so check that one off the list! 

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Full disclosure: My hubby works for Whole Foods, so I have the advantage of an employee discount.


But I'd get here's what I'd get if I didn't have that:
•  canned tuna/salmon
•  coconut milk

•  coconut aminos (only place I've found them around here)

•  compliant lunch meat

•  bulk spices/flours


Meat is one of the things I buy at WF as much as I can, but I recognize it is a budget killer. One tip that we frequently take advantage of is WF does really good one-day promotions on Friday. We've gotten great deals on grass-fed hamburger, steaks, chicken, all sorts of stuff. Hubby tips me off, but I'm pretty sure you can sign up for emails or follow them on social media to find out about them. We stock up and freeze whenever they have something we want. They've also done some good holiday meat promotions, so keep an eye out for those as well. (Labor Day weekend did a "Fill the Grill" sale where you saved $xx dollars for every xx you spent. We got a lot of meat for a pretty good price.)

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