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Whole30 fixed my glucose but sent my cholesterol through the roof!


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Before my Whole30:


Glucose - 101

Total Cholesterol - 220

LDL - 144

HDL - 65



After my Whole30:


Glucose - 79

Total Cholesterol - 247

LDL - 151

HDL 68


Figures my stupid body would be one of those that makes the low-fat medical establishment look smart.

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My numbers were similar at my last appointment and my doc just said we'd just watch it, especially since my BP has finally re normalized and I no longer need meds for it! I was so happy about that. I've also lost some weight which is another reason she wasn't worried. Have you lost weight? That can elevate your LDL temporarily. Once your weight settles then your cholesterol should regulate.

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Well, I'll confess the BP has nothing to do with Whole30. It seems after 4 1/2 years, the pregnancy induced high blood pressure finally went away. I've only lost about 9lbs. I thought that would be too little too, but my doc said it's possible. (FTR, I'm not on a Whole30 right now. I'm getting my workout routine back in check and then I'm doing one. I'm about 80% paleo at the moment). She told me since my HDL was good and my triglycerides were great (79), and I have no other risk factors she wasn't worried at all.

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Six pounds of fat is actually a big deal in the space of roughly 30 days. That is plenty to change your cholesterol numbers. 


Your heart health as well as your glucose levels actually improved during your Whole30. Nothing got worse. Your cholesterol levels are fine. 


I used to worry about cholesterol, but have stopped. Here are some sites that helped me.


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