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HELP - Feeling sick after dinner and just want to eat non-compliant food!


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I ate dinner and now feel like it is stuck in my stomach.. like literally no digestion is taking place at all! I have very low stomach acid which causes this from time to time. 


However, whenever I have felt like this in the past, I just eat whatever I want because I already feel sick (usually non-paleo foods such as peanut butter or popcorn). What are some tools to get past this? Part of me feels like just going to bed... or going to get a bag of popcorn...

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Do you take supplemental HCL for your low stomach acid? 

Or even digestive enzymes? I think both would help. 


Stay compliant, you'll feel better. How about some tea - got any ginger? Its great for digestion/nausea. 

Or even just sip on some hot water with lemon. 

Sometimes I'll eat an sliced up apple and it helps with my digestion too. 


How about going for a brief walk?


Don't panic though. Deep breaths, slow walking, meditation and visualize your good digestion, tea.

My 2c 

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Thanks for the suggestion! I actually have taken Betaine HCL & Peptin as well as Digestive enzymes in the past, but left them back in Canada when I moved to NY. I am having family bring them in a month - so really looking forward to that!


I ended up drinking a couple of mugs of hot water and lemon, and that seemed to help a lot! I stayed completely compliant!! Woohoo! FTW

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