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Hello! So this is my second Whole30 and I have to say I'm really excited! My first time around was amazing! I had postpartum thyroid issues and could not tolerate medications. So I was told about the Whole30 and decided to try it! It was a life saver!!! My body completely reset and I did not require any meds, my thyroid went back to normal! That was 2 years ago! I've fallen off the wagon here recently and we are getting ready for baby number 2. So I'm starting again today in hopes that I will have a stronger body this time around before, during and after pregnancy! This time around I'm doing this not just for my own health but also for the health of baby number 2!! Just wish I would have known about the Whole30 with number 1!! Anyone else looking to get pregnant or already pregnant?! I would love to hear any and all women out there going through the same thing!! Good Luck ladies!

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