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My Whole30 Log


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I tried to start my whole30 last week on Sunday but I immediately got so sick and could not eat anything. So I broke down and ate ginger ale and crackers.  Now that I'm (hopefully) completely better I am starting today out as my first whole30 challenge! I do realize that if I go off of it once I will need to start all over again! This is encouraging so that I have more motivation to keep up on my first whole30! A little about myself. I'm 5'5 and I'm at 180 pounds. My diet is crap. I eat anything and everything. I eat fast and I don't allow myself to really taste the food. I blame that on the military. Anyway!!!


Day 1



I am eating breakfast at 10 AM. Sunday is my lazy day and I don't get up early. I am having four hard boiled eggs with sauteed green beans in coconut oil. I need help in the area of what breakfast veggies I can have. But I'm just getting creative at this moment!



I plan on having a chicken breast and some brussel sprouts. I'll be cooking the brussel sprouts fresh so I hope that they are good, new to the whole fresh thing here.



I hope I can edit this to tell you what I'm going to have for dinner. If not I'll just be posting it below!

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I also just started another whole 30.  For breakfast veggies, I usually have onions and mushrooms, then maybe add squash or zucchini and/or maybe a green like spinach or kale.  I don't do very well with eggs, so I usually have ground pork from the farmer's market seasoned with various spices.

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