Starting tomorrow 10/14/14


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So I started the whole 30 on 1/10 but had to reset due to a stress related banana bread incident! Since then my meals have been compliant but there have definitely been taste, licks, bites etc. Restarting officially tomorrow. I've cooked up some Moroccan meatballs with cauli rice pilaf, some chocolate chili, some sweet potato coconut soup and grilled a few days worth of chicken in advance.

I'm treating the restart as a learning experience so here is what I've learned-

- Preparation is key, I feel sorted for this week and it really only took me about 3 hours plus grocery time. Not a big deal really.

- Even the smallest bit of sugar makes me shake, feel slightly nauseous and gives me headaches. Seriously within 5 minutes.

- I can cope perfectly fine on decaf black coffee with coconut cream, I've started to enjoy it and I certainly enjoy the more level feeling of not having caffeine.

- I have no craving for dairy whatsoever and believe it will not agree with me. Haven't tested it, just my instinct, if I listen in my body doesn't want it.

- for the first time in a long time I have been going to bed falling asleep and sleeping 7-8 hours straight and waking before the alarm. Body seems to love 5.45am as a wake up time.

Goals for the 30

- Learn more of the above and continuing listening to my body

- Complete it!

- Find some recipes that my family also enjoy and begin a slow transition for them

- Exercise intentionally at least 4 times per week for at least 40 mins per session and get back to Bikram yoga

- Find some more focus at work

- Log my food here in response to this post every day!

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Ten days of eating healthy! - this Whole30 is bound to start off more smoothly since the transition is more graceful than your original one.  I'd certainly feel proud of myself.  It's a big deal - way to go for sticking with it and getting back on track.  I think getting back on track is really hard.

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Ok updating this again due to a slight issue!

I restarted as posted but couldn't eat a thing that day and got sicker as the day went on. Couldn't work out what I had done wrong and started blaming the pineapple! It was not the pineapple people and I ended up having an emergency op to remove my appendix. oops!

Consequently I've been in hospital and am restarting on Tuesday 10/21/14. Wish me better luck!

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