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Day 14 but big skin improvement


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I've suffered psoriasis for as long as I can remember, likely 25 plus years (I'm 40). I have a few small patches on my body but I get larger patches on my face and a lot on my scalp. When I started whole30 I really hoped it would mean improvement for the skin on my face. I have used cortisone for years as it is the only thing that has ever worked to reduce the redness and dryness and crustiness when bad. I also try to just leave it if I have no major function on etc.


I had previously read about nightshades being a problem and many years ago when I had a full body flare up (about every 5-10 years or so I get a flare up of psoriasis ALL over my body, when I say all I mean everywhere except the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet) I went on a strict that removed nightshades and I saw improvement (not this big of an improvement though!)


So here I am on day 14 and my skin looks great. I still have some small patches on my face but they are not very noticable. I still have some on my scalp also and will be interested to see if that keeps improving too.


Here are before whole 30 and 14 days in. In the before I had scrubbed the dry skin off and applied cortisone earlier that day so its not as awful as it can look but it gives you a good idea of the difference.




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