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clearly, i do not know how to ride a bike.

little mighty

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A week after completing a mostly-successful Whole90 (I took a few breaks in between to see if I was ready to stop yet), it's very clear that I have not yet overcome my emotional dependence on food. It started with a few Medjool dates and some stevia-sweetened greens powder, then regressed to some (paleo) frozen pumpkin pie bars, and finally to the gummy vitamin stash we have at work. FAIL.

Okay, so these examples may not be the worst things to consume - they weren't McDonalds or pizza or a dozen donuts - but to me, it's the emotional connection that says it all. I could be eating CARROTS, but so long as the craving is coming from my head and not my stomach, it's NOT HEALTHY.

This "riding your own bike" thing is proving harder than I thought. Any minor transgression seems to throw me off balance completely, and it's frustrating to me that my brain still has such control over my eating patterns. Why can't I use that control for good instead of evil?! 

So, here I am, diving back into another Whole30 (or 60, or 90, or forever...however long it takes to see food as food, and not as comfort).

Anyone else in the same boat? Needing some words of wisdom, here!

Thanks for reading!

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I struggle with feeding the sugar dragon compliant sweet things, too, so I can commiserate, and I'm sorry you've had a rough go. I certainly don't have it all figured out, but what has helped me post W30 is to continue eating template meals three times a day. So, if I want something sweet, instead I have to ask myself if I'm hungry enough for a meal. The answer is rarely yes, but when it is, I give myself a meal. I also remind myself that a sweets craving can be a signal that the body needs protein. A chocolate craving can be a signal that the body needs magnesium. Kind of screwy, but it at least reminds me that a sweets craving doesn't mean the body needs sweets!


I also think managing stress is a big messy related topic. Cravings or a compulsion to eat are often caused by stress. How are you managing your stress these days? And will another W30 cause you less or more stress? (This, too, is something I struggle with, so don't by any means think of me posing these questions with a wagging finger. :))

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Thanks for the tips, LadyM. Stress is definitely an issue with me, and I've been doing a LOT of work trying to manage it more effectively. In fact, one of my main reasons for doing a Whole30 in the first place was to learn to use other coping mechanisms besides food when I feel overwhelmed. It helped significantly, but clearly the addiction is still there. Probably always will be, but I'd like to have it lie dormant instead of on guard 24/7, ya know?


As for doing another Whole30, I might wait a bit. It's like when you let a dog off the leash and they just want to RUN!!! - now that I have complete freedom, I want to eat ALL OF THE THINGS; it also happened that my Whole90 ended during a unexpectedly stressful week, so double whammy there. I think once my "food freedom honeymoon phase" dies down, I might feel less preoccupied with food. But I will aim for the 3 compliant meals a day, as you said, and just focus on eating more of the good stuff so there's less room for the "bad"  :) 

Thanks again!

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