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Day 0 

I'm excited to start tomorrow :)


I did some meal prep for this week, made my lunches ahead of time. Cooking breakfast/dinner isn't too bad, but I never have time to go back to my dorm in the middle of the day.


One thing I think will be difficult to adapt to is not snacking. I usually have a snack in between lunch and dinner and after dinner. We'll see how it goes, I will try to eat larger meals tomorrow and make it through. 


Anyone else just starting? Other college students? 

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Day 1


Today went pretty well, but I definitely underestimated the amount of food/groceries I needed to buy before this week started!


For breakfast, I had 2 eggs, sausage, and some sauteed spinach. 

Lunch was something I made ahead of time, ground beef and brussels. 

I got really hungry around 4pm and ate 2 apples and 1/3 jar of almond butter... and I still wasn't full! 

Going to make chicken fajitas with lettuce instead of tortillas for dinner.


After today, I think I will probably need a 4th meal or to make my 3 meals bigger. I usually don't have dinner until 7, but I get soo hungry around 3-4pm. I really like the idea of just eating 3 meals/day - it seems very convenient.


So tomorrow I am going to try to make my meals bigger and get by without a snack. At breakfast in particular, I am going to add coconut oil to my coffee (similar to bulletproof coffee) and another egg. I don't have time to get more groceries or prep more lunches for this week, but next week I'm definitely going to add a whole30-approved sauce and some sweet potatoes to my lunch. 


So far so good - I also had a great lift today!

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As this is just the beginning of the whole30, I wanted to lay out my goals related to this whole30 and new habits I want to build. They are in 3 areas: eating, exercise, and personal development. 



  • get in a routine of eating 3 meals per day and not snacking
  • feel confident/comfortable with my food choices and be able to say no when offered food I don't want 


  • continue my current exercise routine (lift 3x, run 3x per week)
  • do something to recover better each day, whether it is a few yoga poses, stretching, using my foam roller, or getting a massage

Personal Development

  • Create a relaxing routine for the morning, lunchtime, and evening to reduce stress throughout the day (I have already made these and put them in a list on my phone)
  • Only rsvp yes to things I want to go to.. and then go!
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Day 2


Today was pretty good. I am going to make another grocery store trip tomorrow because I am running out of the spinach and eggs I bought last week. When I go, I am also going to get the ingredients for guacamole and mayo, so I can spice things up a bit with my meals. 


I increased my breakfast size today and had 3 eggs, sausage, spinach, and coffee with coconut oil blended in. My breakfast meal is definitely my favorite of the day!


My lunch has been pretty blah this week. I made ground beef and brussels ahead of time. It is delicious when it's hot off the stove, but the brussels taste pretty bad when they're cold or reheated. Next week I'm planning to do these buffalo chicken meatballs I found online and pack a spinach side salad to go along with them. 


Today I got hungry in the early afternoon again and couldn't resist snacking... I had beef jerky and A LOT of cashews. It is really easy for me to overdo it with nuts and nut butters, as evidenced by only my first two days on whole30 lol. Next week I am going to go ahead and just switch to four meals, so that I don't end up eating too big of a snack in the afternoon. 


For dinner, I had roasted chicken, broccoli, and potatoes. My friend even cooked it for me :D


Went on a nice 4 mi run this morning. Felt a little headachy today but so far that is my only negative symptom. 

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