In Our Last Week - Loosing Too Much Weight


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We are in are last week of the whole 30 program. We have really enjoyed cooking and shopping together. We have practically rebuilt our whole cabinets with new foods. One problem - I am loosing too much weight!. Not that I weighed myself but I can just tell. I am eating a ton but the pounds keep shedding - Does anyone else have that problem? I lift weights and workout and was not interested in loosing weight. 

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It's not a problem I have :D , but I remembered reading this article that might have some helpful tips.  If you want detailed feedback based on what you're eating and the activity you're doing, you can post a few days' worth of food and activities, and I'm sure people will post ideas that might help.

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My Husband and I just finished out first whole30 last week. We lost 37lbs together. I was unable to do much exercise other then a walk or two a week (due to extreme joint pain) and it felt as though that might have been excessive weight loss. However, I know that I was eating properly with healthy portions and the right protein to veggie to fat ratios. So my weight loss was acceptable for my body but I also had weight to lose :)


My husband wasn't looking to lose weight more then 10lbs. His goal for doing the program was really to support me. During the program he started looking very lean and he too was concerned that maybe he was losing too much weight, but what he actually seeing in the mirror and clothes was a complete body composition change. He no longer has a tire around his midsection, his skin was tightening and his muscles were becoming visible.


He did make two changes during the program to deal with the weight loss. First was cutting back on the intensity of his exercise. He usually has a high intensity run 5x week. For weeks 2-4 of the program, he decreased his intensity to a walk and then increased to a jog. Second, we increased his fat and protein intake on days that he was exercising. He found this to help balance things out the rapid weight loss. Now he is lean, but he is healthy, strong and has lots of energy to spare. 


Post Whole30, we are keeping his fat and protein intake higher as he continues to increase his intensity. 


So if your food is portions are right, and your not over exercising (for the portion sizes you are eating), once you complete your Whole30 and weigh yourself, what you might have thought was weight loss might be a change of your body shape.


Congratulations on your last week!!

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