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Third Attempt at Whole30 Starting 10/14


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Today is the first day of my whole30, woohoo! I'm ready!  Kind of a random day to start, but I had just got back from vacation and didn't have the supplies to start yesterday.  Last January, I completed the whole30 and found it way easier than I'd thought it would be.  I felt great and loved it!  I tried another one around May or so but I didn't really need it at the time as I was still eating healthily, so I gave up because I felt left out socially.  I definitely need it now though, I've been so unhealthy lately and can't stop gaining weight!  I am also struggling a bit with headaches, stomach issues, low energy, mood swings and insomnia.


The #1 result I am seeking from this whole30 is to gain a better relationship with food.  An unhealthy view of food is something I have struggled with for most of my life in different ways, and I was shocked at how much that all changed during my first whole30.   I really came out of it with a great understanding of food as nourishment and an awareness of what physiological hunger feels like.  I still have those skills but I have definitely come off track from that.  When I eat a lot of grains, dairy and sugar, I struggle with automatically eating too much (they truly have addictive properties!) and then feeling guilty about that.  It's a terrible cycle.  I am really interested in the concept of intuitive eating and I hope to end my whole30 feeling much more confident in my abilities to eat for hunger and nourishment, rather than taste and emotion.  I know a lot of you are starting on 10/13, I will definitely keep up with you guys for encouragement :)  Here is my meal plan for day 1...



Hardboiled eggs




Roasted veggie salad w/avocado, pine nuts and oil & balsamic vinegar dressing



Wild duck stir fry w/peppers and onions





Macadamia nuts

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Awesome! I'm starting today as well. I work right by a paleo deli/restaurant, so I'm hoping weekdays will be conquerable. I'm impressed that you finished the Whole30 before! I'm a little wary that no matter how well I follow the rules in these 30 days, my poor eating decisions will resurface right away after the program is finished.

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Hey... I am starting again today (Oct 14/14)...


I have done 8 Whole 30+ and I look forward to my ninth.  I started today (I am canadian and Yesterday was our Thanksgiving).  I am a big, big fan of this WOL and love the program (hense the 8 times through).  Enjoy it but stick with it through the first 7-10 days which can be somewhat challenging.




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