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Do I need to start again? What do you think?


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Hi all! Just completed Day 5 and the topic is just so appropriate cause YES I had outings and a function to attend and I made choices according to what was available and I practised mindfullness and make what I felt were good choices at the time. Here is my menu you let me know if I need to start again.

Breakfast was great, coconut oil, egg, sauteed mushroom, capsicum which filled me up for ages.

Lunch was a work business lunch here are the foods that I choose based on what was available.

Steamed fish, avocado with pickled ginger/sesame sauce, baked sweet potato with pomegranete seeds, green salad with small pieces of pear and olive oil,( scraped off the cheese), coleslaw with organic ingredients egg mayo high in oil not sure what sort etc just one serve and black coffee. no bread, no dairy, no grains or gluten.

Dinner out was okay considering it was a large function but it was a set menu I didnt really have a choice I swapped with my hubby if there was a dish that wasnt suitable (eg cannaloni I didnt go near it neither the dips or breadrolls), there was snacks etc I didnt touch them except for the chargrilled eggplant and sundried tomato and plain green salad, snack was grilled octopus and green salad, main was 2 grilled lamb cutlets, broccoli and some carrot there was mashed potato and sauce but I scraped all that off to the side and topped up with salad.

Heres the one Im worried about but not really,

DESSERT, I was fortunate enough to recieve the poached pear with a scoop of iccream and marinated figs. just a small portion BUT you will be proud of me straight away I scooped up that icecream before it started to melt and gave it straight to hubby cause he loves icrecream and I ate the fruit. the fruit was delicious i really enjoyed it but I have no idea if it was sweetened with sugar or if it was just condensed and cooked in own juices, i doubt it. I drank sparkling and plain water.

whats your thoughts, heck I didnt cave and eat an entire pie so Im patting myself on the back for making wise choices during those two different functions.

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