Can I still do Whole30 if my required medications have "no nos"

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I'm extremely intrigued by the Whole30 and want to give it a shot. But I'm still in treatment for Lyme and some other conditions, taking a mostly herbal protocol. I was all ready to start the Whole30 program when I learned that (a) the Bromelian supplement my doctor requires contains rice flour, and there isn't another equivalent product on the market that doesn't have this ingredient and (B) the probiotics I require (I need at least 100 Billion CFUs right now) contain either "trace" amounts of gluten/dairy/soy OR maltodextrin. I believe my migraine medicines (Rx) also have some starch.


I have found ways to replace all of my other necessary supplements (magnesium, vitamin B2) with what appear to be compliant manufacturers (e.g., Natural Calm unflavored). 


Is it still worthwhile for me to do the Whole30 program, or will the small amounts of bad ingredients in my medicines make the whole thing a waste of time - I won't feel any better and I won't learn anything about what may trigger my migraines, insomnia, anxiety? I just started the new herbal anti-Lyme/Bartonella protocol with a new integrative medicine doctor, so I don't want to just "select" which parts of the protocol I follow. 


Please advise. 

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If you are sensitive to rice flour, gluten, dairy, or soy then trace amounts of these in your supplements "may" blunt the changes you would otherwise experience during a Whole30, but you have an excellent chance of making good health progress regardless. 

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I have to take a thyroid medicine that has both corn starch and powdered sugar in it. I have tried various other medications and they have horrible side effects. So I take what works. My Whole30 results have been pretty darn good, so I'd say go for it.

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I also have to take thyroid medication and not taking it is just not worth it 

I am hoping that the tablet is so small the amount of lactose will not compromise the 30 days



Glad someone asked this as I was just about to ask it.  I have a number of heart meds that I will have to take for the rest of my life and they too contain corn starch, rice flour and a few other things.  I'm glad to see I can still give this a go.


As I mentioned above, I take medication that has noncompliant ingredients. It is OK. (I still wish my medication did not have powdered sugar and corn starch in it, but no other medication works as well as this one does, and I do need it.)


Please do your Whole30 and know that you will be fully compliant.

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