Celebrating imperfection

Cath J

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Ok, I need to be upfront from the start. I DIDN'T complete a full 30 days. I did 22, but we then went on an impromptu holiday and while I stuck with it for 2 days, I quickly realised trying to obsess with perfection was NOT enjoying my holiday so I let go a little and lived.


Does this mean my whole30 was not a success??? Hell NO!!! Yes initially there was disappointment, guilt etc but now, 10 days on I realise my "whole22" was a raving success. Here is why:


1. I am still eating whole30. By choice. Not because it is Day 21. Not because I want to lose more weight (which I do). But because I feel great eating this way.

2. I lost over 5kg in 3 weeks and it is continuing to drop off.

3. I have energy and enthusiasm to exercise. And exercise hard.

4. I felt so CRAP in the days when I was lenient with my food (still tried to stick gluten, sugar, soy free) that I can no longer convince myself that it is all in my head.

5. My skin is better. This wasn't an aim, but my eyes are brighter and less wrinkles. Bonus!

6. If anyone asks how I lost weight, or why I look so good, I RAVE about Whole30 being the best thing I ever did. So how could that possibly be a fail???


Would I still like to do a full 30 days. Yes probably. But not right now. Right now I'm enjoying living the Whole9 way with no stress, no rules...just healthy choices.

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