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ziggyriv's Whole30


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Well, I have dieted my entire life - but never blogged or logged before, so this is a new experience for sure.

I'm thinking "why NOT?"

I'm hoping it will keep me honest and focused. Hubby is doing this with me - although I'm on the hook for all of the "thinking and planning"


I'm Canadian and we just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend so Tuesday was Day 1.


Day 1

Breakfast - 3 egg scramble, with spinach, peppers chicken breast. Coffee with coconut milk

Lunch - Kale salad with peppers, cucumbers, celery, leftover turkey, Apple

Snack - 15 almonds

Dinner - hamburger patty (homemade with lots of garlic and spice) acorn squash with black pepper



Thoughts -

Felt fine. missed my crystal light a bit...need to never drink that again.lol

Very easy day for me food wise after a weekend of eating, entertaining and wine. I needed to eat lighter!

Tried homemade mayo last evening - epic fail. Used my vitamix, going to try it with a stick blender next time.


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