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help with on the run meals


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I am looking for advice or sites that have great on the run meals. I run a home daycare and barely have 10 minutes for lunch. What are some meals to substitute my smoothies that I used to have for lunch. I need something I can eat while I work as I am the only one here to care for the children and there just isn't time to sit to eat. Most days I am walking a newborn while feeding the toddlers and getting them down for a nap. To top all that off, I homeschool my youngest daughter. Easy is the main category needed for lunchtime. any advice??

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Well let's set aside for now that distracted eating is not a good way to go. It doesn't help you to feel satisfied. Also, only eating portable food means you probably won't get a decent template meal because I'm assume you want to eat things you can eat with one hand....

But I'm sure you all know that...just ...something to think about ....we do all need to slowwwwwww down.....


That said, how about..


Hard boiled eggs

Meat Muffins

Meatloaf - slice

Scotch Eggs

Pork Lettuce Wraps

Frittata - slices

Cold soup (e.g. gazpacho) - drink it from a mug

Sliced avocado

Apple draped with smoked salmon

Burger patty wrapped in lettuce and topped with whatever it will hold

Use sliced cooked sweet potato as a burger "bun" or sandwich "bread" with chicken, spinach, tomato, avocado inside

Kebabs with peppers, zucchini, eat them off the stick 


All these recipes with a "Whole 30" or "Paleo" in front are an easy Google. 


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