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Fiancee and I starting 20th October!


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Hi Whole30 people!


My name's Angel, and my fiancee (James) and I are starting our first Whole30 this Monday 20th October. We're really excited and can't wait to get started! I'm an American ex-pat, and James is British, and we're doing the Whole30 here in London. Can I just say, thank GOD we have Whole Foods here now lol!! 


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I've heard great things about Whole30's effects on autoimmune diseases, so (as my RA has gotten progressively worse in the past year) I'm thrilled to give it a try and hope for some relief from the inflammation. In addition, both James and I were looking for an overall change in our diets and health (not to mention slimming down a bit before the wedding) so Whole30 seems the perfect start to a lifestyle change for us. We're planning to try and stay paleo afterwards, with a few Whole30s sprinkled in before the wedding. In fact, we're thinking of making the Whole30 a Whole60 our first time out if it goes well and we're all hopped up on this Tiger Blood I keep hearing about!


Believe it or not, it seems like I'm already a Whole30 veteran as James and I have been trying to start Whole30 for over a month now, but due to illness have not been able to commit up until now. As much as we've been chomping at the bit, when you don't feel well enough to go to the grocery store at all, let alone the first big shop and all the from-scratch cooking, it's rather difficult! I'm about halfway through "It Starts with Food" and have about 700 Whole30 compliant pins on Pinterest (seriously!) already, so I'm just about ready to go! And I'm already getting to be one of those annoying people who looks at food labels and is all like "Ermagherd, that has SO many ingredients in it! Ick!" For the first time today I looked at the labels on gluten-free products in Sainsbury's and turned my nose up at them, not because I was like "gluten free, eww" but because I was like "so many artificial ingredients, eww". And I haven't even started Whole30 yet. So that's promising (though I may sing a different tune during the first week when I'm feeling terrible and battling the Sugar Dragon!).


But I'm finally on the mend now, thankfully (have had a nasty stomach bug for the past 5 WEEKS!), so we're doing the big clear out and giant shop this coming weekend. Can't wait!


So that's all! I'm sure I'll be around and asking some questions, but for now, good luck to us and to anyone else starting Whole 30 this month!!


\ :lol:/





#NoCheats #NoExcuses #NoDoOvers

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UPDATE: We have to wait another week as my doc has ordered me to stay in bed all weekend and the beginning of next week. Will I ever, EVER shake this bug?!?!?!



#Whole30PetPeeve: When you're browsing people's Whole 30 Pinterest boards and they have lots of recipes for paleo pancakes, crepes, tortillas, muffins, etc. I really want to comment "CHEATER!!!" on their pins lol!

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I have had a stomach bug for several months! It has fluctuated from terrible to bad-but-manageable. Finally went to dr. and scheduling lab tests. I am thinking it may have started when I went on a Lake camping trip this summer. My stomach does not handle bacteria well at all!  Hoping between my new diet and possibly an antibiotic things will clear up. Let me know what you find out about yours!

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