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As we head into what seems likely to be a mega flu/virus season I thought it would be super helpful to have a flu thread. 


It would be great to hear from a moderator/s what the "official" Whole 30 recommendations are for treating the flu when on a W30. 


I would love to hear what folks have done to treat and work through their flu when on W30, or to stave off symptoms at the outset. 


Stay well! But lets hear what to do if we're not....

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As a caretaker of parents and my father's brother....I do everything I can to build up their immune systems.   Great home cooked meals are the antidote to anything eaten  vs. a fast food joint/restaurant.   I try to take them out when there's not a crush of young kids wandering around.   Schools, hospitals, clinic waiting rooms are the worst for passing on the flu.


I know that's not possible for working environments but building up the immune systems with the best quality food you can afford is the ticket.   Emergency C and other tiddly wink trinkets...usually made with sugar, not so much.


I have one suggestion, given to us by mother's heart surgeon.  He uses it every day.   Anyone can afford it.  No calories, no sugar and no carbs.




Every single one of us stuff this up our noses before we go out in public places during the flu season.  It's harmless and we think it works.

It's the nose barrier that you want to stop those bugs from flying up your nose.   My sister uses it when she's on a plane, all of my relatives are using it.   We all have one in our pocket.   The heart surgeon says he believes it helps him and it's completely harmless.   Our young relatives are sent to school with one in their pocket.   

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Bone broth.  I swear by it and while having the flu, it can provide electrolytes and nutrition that you might otherwise not be able to consume. It's warm, comforting, you can add eggs (egg drop) or meat to it if you want something a bit heartier and that does not take much effort at all.  Especially at this time of year I always have at least a couple jars in the freezer and a load of bones in the deep freeze just in case something strikes.

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