First Trimester Struggles

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I've done a few Whole 30s and have been mostly paleo over the past few years, with great results to my physical and mental health.


This year, my husband and I decided to relocate closer to family, and in the process of uprooting our lives are taking the opportunity to do some traveling. We just got back from a two month road trip, during which I managed to stick to mostly paleo foods, with a few less healthy choices (such as wine, and the Best Cinnamon Roll Ever) and more of a snacking style of eating as opposed to 3 meals daily like I ate at home. Overall it went well, I felt good, and lost a few pounds which was great.


A few weeks ago, I found out that I'm pregnant. I am now just over six weeks along, and nausea, food aversions, and exhaustion are in full effect. We are leaving for two months in South America in about three weeks, and in the meantime are house sitting for my in-laws. We are able to cook in their kitchen which is great, but the kitchen and fridge is full of their food, most of which I can't bear to look at at this point in time (this applies to food in general.) And, I am so, SO exhausted. So the current state of things is that I'm struggling to eat healthy. Yesterday, I had to - HAD TO - have pizza. It was the only food I wanted on a day when thinking about food had me struggling not to projectile vomit. This is in a relatively small town, so there aren't GF options that I could find. So I got a regular pizza and it was the first meal I've eaten in days that I didn't have to choke down.


I guess I always thought that I'd somehow be able to get through pregnancy without falling off the wagon in dramatic fashion. Clearly, in hindsight, I didn't understand how strong food aversions really are. I've read Melissa's post on pregnancy and food aversions, which (along with the comments at the bottom) helps me to know that I'm not crazy and not the only person this has happened to, and also helpful tips like keeping a wide variety of foods around. Still, knowing that prior to the existence of pizza, women somehow made it through the first trimester without starving to death, I can't help but feel disappointed in myself for caving to the craving.


I guess I just needed to vent. Advice welcome from those who have been through this...

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Congrats! I've never had bad morning sickness in fact I've only thrown up once with my four pregnancies. My last two I did have some nesausea. This last pregnancy I took out sugar a month before I got pregnant just added not breads or anything like that my cravings weren't crazy but as soon as I started sneaking a little more at a time it was really hard I tried a whole 30 when was around 20 mo I did really goodfor 20 days then I drank some coconut water to get more potassium in me bad idea got very intense cravings and I could shake them at that point I gone off of it and it's been hard to get back but I struggle with other things. I sayntrynyour hardest but don't feel guilty you need to eat just try your hardest to eat as best as you can when you get to a point like your 2nd term it might be easier to go back things aren't as intense and it's easier to do it. Take Melissa advice and others that have shared it. Good luck to you I know how hard it can be :)

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