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Day six for me and looking for that elusive sandman!

Mitsue Ferguson

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Hi everyone!

I have been enjoying everyone's stories and I hope this doesn't sound bad, but I sure am glad I am not alone! Of course, when I read the book, I thought someone had been spying on me and had written about it.

I have struggled with my weight for soooo long, gaining 30 pounds, losing 20, gaining 50, losing 60, gaining....... well, you get the picture. I always lost the best on low carb, but got so bored with it.

I knew deep down that I had trouble with breads, sweets, junk food and even artificial sweeteners, but I would always go back to eating them and found myself getting bigger, slower and more sleep deprived.

I am a dialysis nurse. I ask my patients everyday to make better choices, while I continue to make really bad ones.

I have tried every diet plan out there and always end up heavier in body and in heart. But after reading It Starts With Food,and understanding that the inflammatory processes I feel in my body is directly related to my food choices (something I felt was happening, but thought people would think I was crazy), I feel some hope!

So far, I have been able to stay on track with the food choices, but the sleep deprivation is crazy! Or making me crazy. But since I see that others are experiencing the same thing, I will PRESS ON!

Good luck to everyone!

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