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Good Food is Cheaper than Long Term Medication


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My family is great and I love them, but they aren't the healthiest people. Looking at my diabetic grandparents and the handful of family members who have had/are heading toward knee replacements due to obesity I know that I have to do something now if I want my future to be different.

I have always led a more active lifestyle than my relatives and learned to appreciate vegetables after I left my parent's home, so I'm not the least healthy person I know. Then some life changes and a lot of travel over the past two years have led me to stress eat things that just aren't healthy and stop running or doing much of any exercise. When I started working night shift at a new job things really got out of control.

I am starting my first Whole 30 tomorrow. My hope is that I will drop a few pounds, but even more than that I want to return to the energy level and quality of sleep I had before ice cream and cheese became standard instead of the exception.

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