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Meal planning Template Fat


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Hi fellow whole30ers :)


On day 5 of my second whole 30, and just wondering something arb.

I've been doing well, and being kept satisfied way past lunch, but wondering if the meal planning template excludes yolks?

Maybe its just a silly question.


I have eggs for brekkie, with 1/2 an avocado, and 1 thumb-sized portion of ghee with my eggs, and sometimes some strawberries.

So the 1 thumb-sized portion, and 1/2 avo count as my 1 fat. 

But the yolks? Someone said they count as fat?

But I thought they're included in the protein, like how we don't include the fat in fish and meat?


Any clarification will be greatly appreciated.


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A good rule of thumb is to always eat egg yolks. :) They are the best part of an egg. Not eating whole eggs is almost an insult to the Whole30-style of eating. 


Eggs include both protein and fat. You need both. It is great that eggs include both in the same package. 


Most proteins include fat. Some more and some less. Chicken breast includes little fat, so it is important to add additional fat to a meal based upon chicken breast. Bratwurst or ribeye steak include lots of fat, so it is not necessary to add more fat to make a well-composed meal with these proteins. Salmon is a fatty fish, so you do not need to add a lot more fat with salmon, but tilapia is a lean fish, so you would need more fat to make a good meal with tilapia.


We recognize the goodness of fat in meals, so you can almost always add more fat to achieve a richer taste even when you are eating whole eggs, salmon, or ribeye steak. 

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