Day 30 for me today! Amazing!


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Today is day 30 for me!  

Gained:  10 years of energy, confidence that I can stick to a food plan strictly (never did that before), nails that don't chip anymore, knowledge on how to eat from the book , Rob Wolfe podcasts and Paleo cookbooks, cooking knowledge (finally fun for me to cook!),  soft skin... ( I think my teeth are even whiter! :)

Lost:  23 pounds!  Pain in stomach (from GERD and problems with my liver NASH), joint aches  (knees, hips, wrist, ankles and hips), compulsive eating, cravings for sweets.

This program is simply amazing!  

Anyone who is serious about improving their health and losing weight and doesn't do this isn't really serious about improving their health or losing weight. 


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