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Today is day 2 for me. I did very well yesterday and so far so good today. But I do need some help. My life is crazy as I'm sure many of you out there also have crazy busy lives. I have five children and I'm a Flight Attendant. I'm either flying, chasing to an appointment or running off to a sporting event. I also HATE being in the kitchen. It is not my thing. I need really quick and easy recipes that I can take on the road with me. I need to be able to grab something quick when I'm flying a 10-14 hour day and have absolutely no time to heat something up, etc.....I welcome any suggestions. I'm going to be spending Sunday preparing for my trip Monday, but I also have a crazy busy weekend where I won't be home much at all. HELP! I've looked online for recipes, but one link leads me to another, and then another, and another and by the time I go through all of them, I've lost the first one I was originally looking at. I find all the different recipes a bit confusing online. 

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There are lots of threads that might help you in the meal planning section of the forum (which is where I'm going to move this post so you might get more feedback). I'm not super good at bulk cooking but if you check out The Clothes Make The Girl she has some whole30 meal plans that are centered around a weekly cook up. It will take some time but it is probably the best option for you.

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Here's a link to the weekly plans from The Clothes Make the Girl from her Whole30 this January. You don't have to get this fancy at all, though - simple burgers with mayo or other toppings, a big frittata (my 12-inch cast iron skillet makes four good-sized servings), brined chicken breast are all really simple and not complicated. It does take time when you're getting started, but it gets easier as you keep going.



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Guest WholeStanley

A big epiphany came when I realised I dont have to follow recipes! I always like to have greens, fats, starchy veg and proteins ready to go so here are some ideas of what to get ready during a cook up and have on hand during the week:




- Roasted Chicken thighs (season with salt, pepper and garlic - add paprika, thyme, cayenne paper, whatever you have around if you can be bothered - pop in the over for 20-30 mins, no cooking and you're done! plus it include fat if you keep the skins on)

- Tins of tuna/mackerel - no cooking again!

- Bunch of hard boiled eggs - more timing than cooking

- Sauteed beef mince - you can add chopped tomatoes, or you can just brown in a pan on its own




- Bag of Kale, Rocket and Spinach - no cooking required and can be added to any dish

- I also either sautee up a huge tuppaware of greens or shredded cabbage


Starchy Veg - usually make a combination of the following:

- A whole tray of baked sweet potatoes

- A whole tray of roasted parsnip  - (you can use the same seasoning as you did for chicken thighs, you might want to add cumin if you have it)

- Carrot and parsnip mash - boil, go watch tv, come back, mash - easy!

- Beetroot - I buy this pre cooked and they last forever and can be added to your lunch/dinner easy without cooking



- Olive oil, avocados on hand and coconut flakes - all very easy to add to what ever i fancy


If I have some time I will fill a big bowl with grated beetroot, grated sweet potato, kale and olive oil to make a big salad, and then will add a handful to whatever i'm having for lunch.



This isn't the fanciest foods, and sometimes I will cook my something special - but when time is short they do the trick

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Think of it as assembling meals rather than cooking like WholeStanley suggests. You'll still need to do some prep work ahead of time, but then you'll have plenty of grab and go items to put together. Just make sure you've got a protein, veg, and some fat and you'll be good to go. Or, you could pick up pre-made salads (just veg) in the airport when that fits your schedule, and just bring some hard boiled eggs, tuna, or grilled chicken and EVOO+vinegar/lemon to throw on top.


I always start with protein and then roast veggies and have salad fixins on hand. Avocados, EVOO, olives, nuts can all be at the ready for easy fat.


Seriously, you can do this, even if you don't want to "cook." It will just take a little strategizing and time commitment before the week starts. But you don't need to reinvent the wheel and make all kinds of new recipes if you don't want to. 


Good luck!

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