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Starting TODAY, October 17, 2014


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Today begins my second Whole30. About 1 1/2 years ago I did my first Whole30 and felt really good, lost about 25 pounds, had my husband on board, etc. The changes were not hard to make, and I utilized many resources available online.


My husband and I continued to follow a Primal diet and kept many of the lifestyle changes that we had made during the Whole30, although in all honesty we did let some slide due to busy schedules and, well....just life. 

These days I feel a little blah - foggy-headed, physically dragging, ... I need to get back on track.


Our life tends to be a little hectic (whose isn't?! :) ), so my primary issue is planning ahead so that mealtime doesn't sneak up on us and we are left with little food options. We are also empty-nesters now, so we are finding that our eating habits have changed a bit, and we haven't adapted well to the change! In the past I have done 'cooking days' to prep food for the week. That has worked, but I am out of the habit.


Time to get on with it! Looking forward to the next 30 days!


Melissa F.

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