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Pending Intense Hike Day - go off W30 for a day?


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Also, I'll just point out that recovery from ACL surgery is quite different from what it would have been 17 years ago! I had mine done about 5 years ago, and you're basically up and on crutches as soon as you're out of recovery. Don't let this be an excuse not to take care of yourself - and if people are going to be so kind as to bring you over food, I'm sure they won't mind following a few basic guidelines to make it Whole 30 - if anyone asks, you could send them a link to Clothes Make the Girl and say "I would love it if you made me anything from this site!".


Also, there's a lot of research out there saying that eating a Whole 30 diet can help with healing and recovery, and it will definitely help with inflammation.

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So sorry you got injured. Speaking from experience, the healing I experienced while on Whole30 was vastly accelerated. Almost unbelievable. So if you can manage to do it (and there are some pretty easy ways to forgo "fancy" and go with a simple, basic, little cooking required approach) you should heal up much faster.


A few things I do when I'm trying to do time saver/less cooking style:


Stock up on



  • raw veggies like baby carrots, snap peas, red bell peppers, cucumbers, etc.
  • frozen veggies of all kinds. Broccoli is my #1 convenience veggie - just pop in the microwave, comes out perfect everytime.
  • Rutabagas and sweet potatoes. I shred both in my food processor (or just use a grater) and make hash all week.
  • canned sweet potatoes - great for making Velvety Butternut Squash, my new favorite comfort food!


  • eggs for hard boiling, easy grab and go protein!
  • wild sardines in water or olive oil
  • compliant canned tuna
  • canned salmon for No Fuss Salmon Cakes (a little effort, but makes for easy grab and go protein)
  • When I'm tired of cooking, I often buy a hot roasted chicken from Whole Foods. Yum!



  • canned olives
  • packets of almond butter

And this might be helpful, Dallas & Melissa's "What's In Your Cooler" piece about grab and go food.


Here's to fast healing and getting back out there!

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17 years ago, I was 17 and was just a high school runner, with my mom taking care of me. i'm a much physically and mentally stronger person today, so I'm hoping it's a little easier. (of course, who doesn't want their mom around at a time like this? I could use her but she's 3,000 miles away and overwhelmed with other things. we agreed that my support system out here is pretty strong).


The recovery from ACL this time will actually be quite similar to last time. When the doctor explained what he was going to do during surgery and explained my recovery, it was very similar to last time (my other ortho doc was ahead of his time with the technology and procedure). and you're right, I will be up on crutches and "walking" right off the table practically.


Yeah, I don't know of any inflammation issues particular to me, but I am a definite believer of feeding the body proper fuel, especially when trying to heal. When people offer to bring food over, i could honestly just tell them something simple like just bake some chicken, or ground beef or roast an acorn squash and mash it up like mashed potatoes. or even just steam heads of broccoli or cauliflower and loads of veggies. that'd be simple for them to do.

While I"m still mobile now, I plan on making a bunch of food (soups and stews in the fall yay!) to freeze so they'll be easy to warm up... I may even bring up the microwave from the basement... ugh.



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The only other thing is that now that I have my boyfriend finally really schooled that I really do eat paleo and am relatively strict about it (he's been making me very paleo meals lately), it's getting him onboard with the no sugar thing... the last two meals were paleo but he put whiskey in the marinade for the meat. I didn't complain b/c they tasted amazing but ....  he's the one who's going to be taking care of me post-op, mostly. 

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