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Dealing with candida die off during Whole 30 #2

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I recently did my first Whole30. I had a lot of crazy symptoms which I believed to be candida die off. This is a little graphic, fair warning. During the last Whole30 I had long, white, stringy mucous coming out of my nose (at first I thought they were pinworms, but that made no sense). Towards the end of my Whole30 I started having crazy headaches (sinus). I also have external anal itching that drives.me.bonkers. I crashed and burned during the reintro due to sickness, business and lack of preparation. Since I stopped, I still have all of the symptoms of candida die off. I plan to start my next Whole30 within the next couple of days. Any tips to help with/speed up the die off process? I plan to eat a bit of fermented food every day as recommended in the book. What else?

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Have a look at these links for tips to deal with die off. 

Strong symptoms can mean that your detoxing systems are overloaded so take it easy on yourself. 

Drink tons of water to flush out your system. 






I have suffered the unmentionable itching of which you speak and you have my deepest sympathy. I will tell you that it took me 4-5 months of W30 eating to conquer that. But I can tell you that it is gone now. 


Wishing you luck in the journey! 

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