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Binge Eating


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Ok on Day 19 of Whole 30 and have been able to eat clean so far but I am still finding a way to abuse whole 30 approved food.  Eating large amounts of nuts, nut butters, fruits, etc. especially at night.  Technically all these foods are approved but I am completely over doing my portions.  I mean literally 1000's of calories in.  What gives?  Why can't I feel satisfied.  Does anybody else have any experience or information on this?  Any advice welcome. 



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You may want to consider keeping those foods out of your house for the remainder of your Whole30. They can be food without breaks for many.

As to why you may not be satisfied, it would help to get an idea of what the rest of your day looks like. Can you post 2-3 days' worth of your log, including meals, daily water consumption, exercise routine and any pre/post workout fuel?

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What gives?  Why can't I feel satisfied.


Use this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.  


Elimination diets can for some people be seen as "restrictive" rather than "diagnostic". And so you "make up" for the restriction in other areas.


Are you feeling deprived of fuel? Of taste? Of variety?

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Deprived of food pleasure/comfort is my diagnosis. 

I think this is emotional eating plain and simple, and I have been there. 


I think when we have to eat so much healthy stuff, we have a tendency to over eat the stuff that feels like a delicious treat, because we still want delicious treats. 

Many of us have been using food as a stress reliever, comfort, drug, emotional crutch, etc. 

We find ways to still do that, even when given a new list of ingredients.

When I first started W30 I ate a lot of dates wrapped in bacon. Like, a lot. 


Its something for you to consider. Awareness is everything. 

If you are self medicating in this way, and you do stop, you will have to walk through the fire, and feel whatever pain it is that you're trying to numb. 

This is hard, but will be life changing. I recommend seeking out a good therapist or life coach to work through it with. 


If you have a genuine eating disorder, and binge eating is an ongoing problem for you, many have recommended this book:



If you are eating enough, and on template, you will feel physically satisfied, but feeling emotionally satisfied is a whole other thing. 

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I don't know who cooked up the term of "clean eating" but I believe it stirs up more visions of clean vs. dirty foods.   Good girl and bad girl.  Bingeing and starving.   Off and On.   Abstainer or Binger.   All or Nothing.


Try to relax and create a new pattern for yourself.  We have to create new patterns to get rid of old habits.   I have a Jack Russell who needs constant refocusing.   I have to snap her out of being fixated on rabbits, chipmunks and anything that moves.   It's difficult but with consistent training, it can be done.


We can retrain ourselves and remove the constant focus on food.  Find a "trainer" that you like. It will change your life.

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I used to get really angry with weight loss programs that would tell me to eat more fiber, so would be fuller for longer.... because I didn't need to be hungry to eat. If I downed a pint of ice cream after a whole pizza... it was not because I was hungry... at least: not for food.
For me eating was emotional: sad -> eat, happy -> eat, bored -> eat. One cure for all emotions. And it was social: party -> eat, funeral -> eat, race day -> eat.
I celebrated when I found the book "What are you hungry for" by Deepak Chopra... I helped me asking the question what hole I was trying to fill with food. And how that was working out for me.
It's not always a fun path to be on, because when you stop dodging your (inner)problems, you might encounter some things to live through... good thing is: for me, that is the way out! Of that emotion at least... While binging (and I have been there and very rarely still am there) is just like a boomerang: you throw the thing you don't want away from you, but it always comes back.
For now: I would take the stuff you binge on out of your Whole 30 and out the house. Next time you feel the need to eat when it's not mealtime, go back to the moment just before that craving set in and ask yourself what thought set the craving off. And then tackle that thought/believe, maybe just sit with it, really feel it and it will go away at some point.
If you do end up binging on something else: forgive yourself, straight away... feeling shame or guilt will open the road for the next binge. You ate, you are working on it... that's all, now back to the plan...
Good luck, or as we say in Holland: ga ervoor!

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