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At the end of next month I am heading off to a 4 day bike rally with hubby and FIL.

The food situation: no microwave, no fridge, limited gear space. We could take a 1 burner camp stove and a 5L cooler bag, that's about it. Available food will be food trucks (pies, chips, bacon butties), and a pub down the road that does meals. I'm hoping to pack template breakfasts and lunches at least, and get on the pubs good side for dinners. Suggestions?

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Deb I had a look at those threads, basically I need to eat lots of tinned protein, and hurry into my nut reintroductions? I'm low FODMAP and can't stand olives, so it makes life more interesting. I need template meals that don't require refrigeration and don't take up much space, basically.


GoJo I had a look at the pub meals online, they list a salad and a vege side in their 'sides' menu, which is usually a good sign, and they have a full page in their menu for each protein. If I was just eating there I would have no fear, but I can't afford that. 


I'm most worried about after the first couple of days, when the cooler bag won't be cold any more, and food could start going off. I don't have space for ice, and will take compliant soup as a chilly pad to keep other things cold. 


Keep the ideas coming, if nothing else they are helping me brainstorm. I don't want to get into a snacking habit, but with a lot of the suggestions here, I think that's what I will end up doing

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