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Would you restart?

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I am now on Day 17 and am wondering what more experienced folks would do given the a few experiences I have had yesterday and today.


I have two issues.  First involves a very small amount of unknowing non-compliant consumption.  I am a huge fan of kombucha and buy from a local company in D.C. (Craft Kombucha out of Mt. Pleasant if you live here.)  They only add sugar before fermentation.  I tried a new flavor on Saturday.  It was perhaps a tablespoon but I realized after tasting it that they used a small amount of hops.  Would you restart?  The guidelines indicate it isn't necessary if it was accidental sugar consumption.  But what about grain, even in a minsicule kombucha form?  Will that little undo 17 days worth of healing.


Second issue - My family was in town for my brother's baby shower this weekend.  I did not eat or drink anything off plan. However, I did not plan my food properly.  I brought some but not nearly enough, and as a result, had very sporadic eating.  This happened as well today.  My famiy does have HORRIBLE eating patterns.  Blinner (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is not an uncommon occurrence.  Would you go so strict as to say this requires a restart?



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