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Soy slip up

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Went out for friends birthday yesterday. Had a wonderful seared Ali salad with sesame/ginger dressing while everyone else ate hot wings, fried calamari, burgers and desserts. It was very easy to be strong - which I was so happy about! The dressing tasted slightly sweet, so I'm guessing prob some added sugar.... But anyway @ 2 hours after eating I got some crazy sharp cramps in my side, bloating, & rumbling-which I have felt before Whole30 but couldn't figure out why. I goggled recipes for the dressing and some added soy sauce. I goggled digestive reactions to soy & found similar descriptions, as well as how bad soy is for your body (never knew!) By accident I think I've found one of my culprits. I will Def be more careful. Eating out is a challenge! I'll bring my own or just squeeze a lemon on top next time.... Any one else experience this with soy?

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