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Hubs and I do Whole 30


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Day 14 - boundless energy and crazy food cravings.

I dreamt about pastries last night. Seriously? I wouldn't go for a pastry if offroading... chips and guac? pizza? red wine? popcorn with butter? for sure but pastries? With dinner last night I really wanted a glass of red wine. We made spag squash with a sausage ragu and it really needed a glass of red wine. But I didn't....

A huge shift is occurring and it's awesome. I again say I am becoming a nicer person. I used to "work" to be nice. Was aware that people often irritated me, I had a "snarkyness" that could get triggered and really thought, I am just not nice by orientation. I felt like people were "grabbing" at me when they asked for something. It was this weird feeling of people pawing at me. This constant edge of irritation was I figured, just a part of who I am. Not a part I was proud of but hey - we all have that, right?

Not any more!

I am noticing I don't get irritated, I feel more patient, specific people that used to annoy me, don't. I don't snap at the slightest thing. I am just rolling with things in a way I don't think I ever have. I feel nicer - and it is from a genuine, inside-out real kinda place vs something I manage or monitor. Things feel spacious and light. I feel happy, relaxed, light, optimistic, and it feels like it is authentic!

I thought W30 would be about seeing if my migraines would be better, losing some weight, getting in control of the food cravings, getting again to the place of mental clarity and sharpness, increasing my energy levels, sleeping better. All things I knew would come after being Paleo for 6 mos. What I am thinking now is this "happiness thing" is wayyyy more valuable than all of the rest. And I am getting all of those other things too. I told Hubs last night, if for no other reason, I am committed to this way of life, I just like myself in a way that I had no idea would change. I figured it was my personality. OK I can manage that but holy cow, I had no idea FOOD would affect my personality!


Breakfast - a hash made of carrot, sweet potato, onion, zucchini and a home made chicken and pork sausage, 1/4 avocado. 

Lunch - out: a grass fed beef patty, lettuce, green salad, avocado slices and a pickle.  Good but a little small.  I was out with friends and wasn't ravenous for dinner.  I did feel a little hungry 2 hours later but really I needed water.

Dinner - salmon baked on cabbage and orange slices with fennel, an odd little dish but really, really good, a bit of sausage and a few slices of grilled eggplant.


Last night I got cranky - not sure why.  Came out of nowhere and then later I ended up getting sick. I am sure it is something I ate but who knows what it was.

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Starting a separate list of positive changes so far:


  • 2nd day of no headache (no trace)
  • no hot flashes at night
  • sleeping through the night
  • energy like I am bouncing off the walls
  • feel very positive, optimistic, nice (from the inside out!) relaxed and the edge of irritability, gone
  • no food cravings
  • desire to eat between meals when not hungry, gone
  • full at meals so wanting to eat less
  • food is tasting better (like in Italy better)


I am sure this list will grow - this is all as of day 14 but not sure if it is a day 14 thing or if it is really hitting me at 21 (before the wine)

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Day 15 - Boundless energy


Not right now... pretty sleepy and slight headache.  Probably dehydration from last night.  In this moment I am soooo over this. 


<9am update>  Headache gone (but had to take meds...not ideal :-(  Feel more energetic and positive again.  HUGE WIN: I had to dig out a smaller bra today.  Not a win for some but most definitely for me.  OK things ARE changing...also put on some jeans from the dryer and they went on effortlessly...

<2pm update> still feeling pretty good.


Breakfast - ground turkey, hash of: onion, carrot, sweet pot, zucchini cooked in ghee, 1/4 avocado, coffee/alm milk.

lunch - leftovers: spaghetti squash, shepherd pie with salsa, olives.



Things we are making that we like:

  • Sausage.  The home made sausage is outstanding and we can season it as we like. This last batch was pretty spicy.
  • Almond milk. very satisfying!
  • Ghee. Kinda fun, like a science experiment. 

Focus for the week:  drink water...

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Day 16!! - officially on the other side of 30!  tigers blood.


Wow, while on one hand the days seem to trickle by, I am halfway done... Hubby has 1 week to go but he's going to finish out my 30.


I had weird food dreams again last night.  Can't remember what the food was involved but it was not within the boundaries.  Not even something I'd eat.  Today having weird urges to snack.  first time.  Not even out of hunger.  Just feel like snacking.


Breakfast - veggie frittata, homemade sausage patty, 1/4 avocado


Lunch - was pretty hungry!!  sweet pot, grilled homemade sausage, sautéed kale and peppers avocado.  Favorite lunch!


Dinner - I ended up having 3 small dinners due to scheduling issue.  Frittata and bit of leftover hash, then a few slices of grilled chicken and veggie salad and at home, spaghetti squash, evoo and ground turkey/tomatoes.


I started the day great and then got another dizzy headache.  Seriously my headaches are worse than ever.

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Day 17 - supposed to be tigers blood. Which I do feel *unless* I have a gd headache...  May I not have one today!


The days are moving more quickly now.  After today, just 12 to go. 


Adding vitamins in to the mix to see if I can improve the headaches.  I won't know 100% about the food part this way but I can't take it.


Breakfast - eating early as I have a packed morning.   A large slice of my veggie frittata, 1/2 of an avocado, huge spoon of salsa, persimmon.  Good on the fruit/veggies, hoping not too light on the protein, going for more fat to keep me full.  A little nervous as I know I have a late lunch.  7 hours between meals....While I likely won't be hungry, wondering if it will trigger a headache.  water water water.


Lunch - decided to eat lunch a little earlier - before Pilates. Ate bf at 6:30 so might be in trouble for dinner but hoping I feel better.  It is not a huge lunch.  sweet pot, sausage and kale drizzled w/evoo

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Day 22.  Weird I haven't posted in so long.


I was feeling crummy and cranky and it seemed to make the time go slower...Finally on the homestretch. 


No tigers blood or radical changes for either of us. Was feeling disappointed but there are wins.  


  • Paleo re-set I think will stick
  • I am very comfortable with eating my 3 meals a day, no snacks, don't get hungry.  There is a new freedom that I enjoy in that if I just follow the template there is no other thought necessary and I get what I need and feel satisfied.
  • No hotflashes
  • better mood and outlook
  • The puffiness is gone, might have lost some weight
  • I think by next week I'll be able to just keep at it...
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