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What are your favorite Loose Leaf Teas?


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Having realized that my Bigalows Tea is on the edge of compliant I started to look for suitable replacement loose leaf teas.. bloody heck there are tons, especially black teas.  I realize I am at a loss with them and wondering what others are buying.



The main teas I used were Constant Comment for unsweet Ice Tea and Earl Grey with Honey for either Sweet Tea or Hot Tea.  I am determined to be compliant with my tea.


I found a recipe for Constant Comment which I know I will have to modify but at least I have a base idea now:


           4 tablespoons black tea

           12 whole cloves, crushed
           1 inch cinnamon stick, broken and crushed 
           2 teaspoons dried orange peel, broken into small pieces
Probably will buy made Earl Grey as locating dried bergamots peel to make my own seems to be beyond my abilities.
So I need to acquire a mortar and Pestle, a good kitchen scale, and real black teas and Earl Grey blend.
Any suggestions? 
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Tea Forte

Citric acid: Yes  ...you can have on a Whole 30

This is a common and acceptable additive in canned or jarred foods, like tomatoes or olives.

  Raspberry Nectar
herbal tea

The sweet juicy taste of garden-ripe raspberries is beautifully blended with a flowering of tropical hibiscus petals. Steeps a full-flavored, delectable cup. Wonderful when served over ice.

hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, raspberries, orange peels, natural flavoring (berry), citric acid
raspberry nectar loose tea pouch
20-25 servings

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I bought boxes and boxes of  tea back in June 2014.   All of it has expired.  It's almost 2 years past the best buy date.   So I researched.  Tea doesn't go toxic but the flavor fades away. It's like dried herbs and spices.  As long as the box has not been opened it will take longer to brew.  It's still safe to drink and you should store it in an airtight tin.


Tea experts don't suggest ever putting your tea in the freezer.  It will absorb all of the odors from the fridge. They don't recommend putting it in plastic bags either because they are not airtight and will pick up odors from a room and might taste muddy.  An airtight tin is the best storage unit.


If it's been opened and expired, it's  best to throw it out if it's loose bags in a paper lined box. You know the kind,  el cheapo.  Individually foil sealed ones fare much better and will be alright to drink....even if the best buy date was a year ago.   Eighteen months is tops for drinking past the best buy date with an unopened box or individual bags.  

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Careful with Teavana... they have delicious teas but instead of dried fruit in a lot of them, they use candied fruit... I became OBSESSED with their Peach Tranquility a couple years ago... realized it was basically because it was steeping sugar fruit in water... lol!

You have to be careful at David's Tea as well because of all those silly sprinkles they put in and they've started putting candied fruit in more of their teas where they used to use more dried or dehydrated fruit. Bummer!

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1-7017713699.png?w=320This is my favorite black tea.  You won't find it in the stores but you can order through  amazon.

Great tasting.  Twinings is my first choice...all teas.

This was my favorite black tea.


 Now I have to stick to the lighter green teas.  



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I like Numi organic teas. I also order organic loose leaf teas from Mountain Rose Herbs..I'm drinking gunpowder green now. Also Traditional Medicinals,although I've only had their chamomile.

ETA:just saw that you specified loose..I'm not sure Numi or traditional Medicinals sells loose..I think numi does,but I've never had it.

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