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Started Sunday October 19th


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Hello my name is Andrew and my wife and I started this yesterday.

As the time line showed the first day was awesome! Then I woke up this morning. I feel a little out of it (head in the clouds) feeling like I'm about to have a headache, unmotivated and I have a lack of energy. I looked at the time line and this seems pretty normal, also seeing how I have never done anything like this before I figured I would be having some bad experiences cleaning up my food act.

Yesterday we started off the morning with scrambled eggs with spinach and fruit.

Lunch was some chicken salad made with onions and avocado and some spices in it with half a banana and tomato.

Dinner was salmon with a spicy rub, squash (which I did not like) salad with a homemade vinaigrette (would like to look up other options, the dressing called for honey so I took that out and it tastes off) and oranges and raspberries.


We are not good planners (well as of right now) so the biggest struggle was planning the meals. We started off by planning one week and that was okay, does anyone have advise to make this process easier? we also want to plan for two weeks, any help with that?


Well now that I am on day two I am pounding the water and herbal tea and sticking with it.

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I'm feeling the same way today!  I wanted to help you out with the meal prep part - I used onceamonthmeals.com to plan mine.  It's great!  They have a Paleo menu, and all the recipes can be frozen.  I had been using them before my Whole30 (with regular meals) and it makes it much easier to stick with this knowing that I can just pull my meals out for the next day to thaw.  Super easy. :)  I took a couple of days and got them all prepped, and I probably have 2-3 weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to go.

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