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MiMi's Whole30 Log


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I figured this would be a great place to keep my meal log for my Wholoe30 program. I weighed myself first thing yesterday morning and took measurements. I'll repeat this at the end of 30 days.


Today is DAY 2 and it's going great so far. Here are my meals from yesterday:


DAY 1:

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs (in olive oil) with about 1/4 cup chocolate chili on top; 1/2 papaya with a squeeze of lime juice, 2cups black coffee

Meal 2 - palmful of roast chicken breast, 2 cups roasted veggies with a closed handful of almoinds and dried cranberreis, small apple, grapefruit-flavored organic sparkling water

Meal 3 - Chocolate chili (about 2 cups), 1/2 small avocado, 1 cup russet potato prepared using a modified Bobby Flay recipe for Spicy Home Fries to make it Whole30 compliant, green leaf/cherry tomato/carrot salad with olive oil and tomato pulp vinegar, lots of ice-cold spring water.

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It's Day 3 and things are going better than I expected. No hunger between meals, no cravings, I slept great last night. I am finding it is taking a lot longer to prepare meals since I'm starting from scratch, but it's totally worth it. Here is  yesterday's meals:


Day 2

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs with a scoop of leftover chili and a few leftover spicy home fries, 1/2 papaya with a squeeze of lime juice, 2 cups black coffee

Meal 2 - Baba Ganoush with mini sweet peppers as my dippers, palmful of roasted chicken with a few sprinkles of hot sauce, closed handful of almonds, HINT blackberry water

Meal 3 - Spiced-rub beef tenderloin (4 oz) with chimichurri sauce, oven roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, lots of ice-cold spring water

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Day 4 is here. Yesterday was the first day I had some hunger between meals. Not too bad though and I resiste4d the urge to snack. I did cut back on the amount of food at each meal and the amount of starchy vegetables. I had a solid 7 hours of sleep last night - it was a beautiful thing ;)


I've been spending a lot of time on www.theclothesmakethegirl.com website for my recipes and meal ideas.


Here are my meals from yesterday:


Day 3

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs with a sprinkle of hot sauce, 1/2 grapefruit, black coffee

Meal 2 - Leftovers! Baba Ganoush with mini sweet peppers, oven-roasted veggies, beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce

Meal 3 - Spaghetti squash with chicken pesto meatballs and tomato sauce, green leaf salad/cherry tomato/carrot salad with o/v dressing

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Day 5! I Had another great night's sleep last night. Looks like 9:30pm is my new bedtime. I did have a harder time getting up this morning, I was hoping it was Saturday as I hit the snooze button! I was hungrier yesterday and the urge to eat or drink something naughty was there but was easy to fend off.


Here is what I ate yesterday:


Day 4

Meal 1 - leftover roasted veggies and potatoes with chimichurri for dipping

Meal 2 - leftover chicken pesto meatballs and tomato sauce with spaghetti squash

Meal 3 - grilled pork chop, roasted gold acorn quash, sautéed kale, 10 almonds

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Good morning Day 6! Yesterday was a pretty good day. The only negative was a restless night sleep last night where I had a dream I ate a couple cookies and some chips! Had my usual routine altered because of a high school football game to get the family to on time, so I only had two meals yesterday (had "Linner" - lunch/dinner at 3:30pm).


Day 5

Meal 1 - 2 scrambled eggs with leftover roasted potatoes and homemade salsa

Meal 2/3 - huge salad at Jason's Deli with o/v dressing, including a hard-boiled egg, olives, and sunflower seeds to help fill me up

After-game snack - very small handful almonds, maybe 6 or 7 of them?

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Been pretty crazy-busy the past few days. I was only eating twice a day and tended to be a lot hungrier (duh!). Here are my meal logs:


Day 6

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs, leftover squash and kale

Meal 2/3 - Ate "Linner" at BJ's Restaurant - had their roasted Brussels sprout and kale salad (no goat cheese) and oil/vinegar dressing. Wasn't sure what the oil was, so I had just a tiny splash with a lot of balsalmic vinegar


Day 7

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs with salsa

Meal 2/3 - grilled chicken thigh, roasted kabocha squash and asparagus


Day 8

Meal 1 - 2 fried eggs with salsa

Meal 2 - Baba ganoush with celery; gazpacho; grilled chicken thigh

Meal 3 - Moroccan--spiced grilled chicken breast; cauliflower rice pilaf, spiced roasted cherry tomatoes 

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Day 9

Meal 1 - Baba ganoush with cucumbers

Meal 2 - Leftover chicken breast, roasted tomatoes, and cauli rice pilaf, gazpacho

Meal 3 - Asian stir-fry (ground pork, zucchini noodles, snow peas, onion, ginger, coconut aminos)

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