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Jessica's First Whole30 Log - Oct. 19 start date


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I'm on Day 3 of my Whole30, and so far I've been SUPER tired.  That could be because I also gave up caffeine, though.  Both the first and second days I took an afternoon nap because I just couldn't hang anymore.  But today, I actually feel kind of awake!  Lol, I guess that's better that zero energy.  I don't feel peppy or anything, but I'm able to get things done, and I don't feel like I'll need a nap this afternoon.  I have a feeling that's just me getting used to no caffeine, so I'm expecting to still have some tired days ahead with giving up carbs.


I had played around with primal/paleo diets before, but I think the reason they were never successful was because I wasn't getting enough healthy fats.  I honestly had a hard time figuring out how to incorporate healthy fats into my diet, especially since we can't afford grass-fed meat right now.  This time, I feel like the guidance the Whole30 program gives is great!  I have an idea of how much fat I should have at each meal, and I've found a lot of great Paleo recipes and ideas.  I'm including a lot more fat in my diet thanks to coconut oil and coconut milk (and my usual favorite, olive oil).  So I actually DON'T feel hungry between meals!  I think this has surprised me the most.  I have cravings and all that, but I'm not hungry until it's nearly time to eat again.  Such a great feeling!

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