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I feel AMAZING!!!


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It is such a relief to me that now at the half way-ish mark I feel so amazing!! Some of the things I am noticing so far:

*I haven't had a single migraine YIPPEE!!

*My previously aching elbows and knees are no longer aching!!

*I am sleeping like a rock at night AND not waking up being an insomniac!!

*I have went down one size so far.. I am now fitting into my skinnier jeans..NOT my skinniest jeans quite yet but I can tell I am well on my way!

*I have zero cravings, zero hunger between my 3 meals, and I love the light, airy feeling I have. Rather than feeling stuffed and sluggish

*My energy levels are through the roof!!

Love this whole 30! Love this experience! I am so excited to feel like my self again and I can't wait for a lifetime of amazing choices!!

Hope you are all doing amazing on your whole 30 adventure as well!!


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