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I will be using my work-allotted time during the day to go next door and exercise at the Y 3 days a week.  Some days I'll go around lunchtime, others mid-afternoon.  How would the PWO food work on days I go around lunch?  Should I eat half my lunch (the pre-workout approved stuff) before I go, the other half (the PWO approved stuff) after, then have a small PWO approved snack later in the afternoon?  Eat my whole lunch then go afterwards?  I expect lunch to usually be salad with protein and yummy homemade dressing and a serving of fruit on the side (I hate fruit on salad).

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Well, the answer really depends on


a) activity that will be performed 

b )duration

c) overall feeling/energy levels 

d) time you eat breakfast


I would also add the purpose of exercise (performance vs weight loss), but that's micromanaging and unnecessary if someone is new to Whole30 lifestyle I guess. 


So if  you could provide more details, we will be able to answer your question better. I'd say if you perform moderate to high intensity exercises + usually have breakfast early and you are usually hungry for lunch, have a pre WO (protein and fats = hard boiled egg will be good) + a post WO snack (protein + starchy carbs) + wait until you actually get hungry and have your full meal later. If your routine is low intensity, I would just have a small pre WO (if you are hungry) and eat your lunch after (you might want to go a bit lighter on fats so you don't overload your digestion). I am sure that someone who knows way more than I do about fitness will chime in. Mary? Bethany? Tom? 

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Good for you for moving!


Extra nutrition as pre and post-wo is to help you maintain energy and support your goals. Why do we eat snack before - to have energy to workout but not to move around with full stomach. If you are not hungry after your breakfast you might not need an extra meal. If it will be more than 4-5 hours before you eat again, then arrange a small snack of protein and fat before hitting a gym. You can experiment and tweak this part as you go. Post workout nutrition consists of protein and starchy carbs. Protein helps repair muscles after exercises. It is only logical that if your routine is not taxing on your body (think gentle stretching), you might not need one. See how you recover from your workouts and start from there. In my opinion starch post wo is optional if your intensity is low as you are not depleting glycogen stores.


I am still hoping that someone will chime in as I am no expert and my knowledge is mostly based on self experimentation. All the best. 

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