Coconut Flour or Potato Starch


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Hi! I'm starting my first Whole30 on Saturday. I'm trying to assemble anything I might need. I'd like something to thicken broth for some stews I'm planning to make. I wanted tapioca starch since it's supposed to be tasteless like cornstarch, but I haven't been able to find it in my area.


I was able to find coconut flour and potato starch. Which of these would be better to thicken beef or chicken broth? Does the coconut flour have a coconut taste?



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If you are looking to make a gravy with pan drippings, a good way of doing so is to put some onions and cauliflower in with your meat (in the slow cooker or in the oven pan) from the get go.  Probably more than you think you need.  Then when it's done, remove the meat and take a stick/immersion blender and blend those soft onions and cauli right into the drippings.  Instant, creamy and thick!

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