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Food sourcing successes this week in NH/MA


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I hit several places and got some good deals this week. for anyone in the area, here it is

The Trader Joe's in Cambridge MA for good seafood, almond butter, sardines, and crabmeat. I also found some frozen peppers and frozen fire roasted peppers and onions.

The whole foods in Cambridge MA has a butcher counter and I found pork bellies. They aren't whole, but they are sliced and tied up. I haven't been able to find them anywhere else but the Chinese market which doesn't seem like a good quality meat to me. It's hard to tell where their meat comes from, although I would venture to say that it's probably better than the regular supermarket most of the time.

Farmers market in Concord,NH. More expensive than some others in the area, but it's on Saturday morning which works for my schedule. I found a woman who does lamb and beef and her Greek lamb sausage has no sugar at all. None of the sausages have any other gross ingredients, but the other favors do have sugar. My local year round farmers market stand is where I get a lot of my meats and veges and things, as well as fresh seafood (brought in the same days it's caught out of Boston harbor) and he's thinking of carrying the meats and eggs from the same farm I bought the sausage from. I got lots of good greens there too, worth the trip for the lamb sausage and some pig and cow ears for my puppy.

On the way out of town I stopped at the food coop on main st and while they didn't have a lot of things I cant get elsewhere, they did have a bulk kombucha tap that I saw as I was leaving the store. You fill a container you can buy from them or your own and they sell it by the pound. I came home and found that my local natural foods store, Natural Choice in Hooksett NH has the same thing per ounce and it's cheaper.

Hope this helps anyone who might be looking for some of these items in the area.

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