New & Starting 10/27/14


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Hello all !  After seeing a good friend have amazing results with Whole30, I got my whole adult  family on the band wagon!  We will all be starting this coming Monday!


Here's the gang:


My husband - super competitive and supportive.  I think he will do great if he can get past his morning coffee w. milk and his midday snacks


My mom - she has yo-yo dieted all her life and had a tendency to make her own rules, but says she's on board!


My dad - pretty much will eat whatever my mom makes, so if she's on board so is he


My sister - she's already a health nut, but she's a vegetarian so we will have to get the rules on how it can work for her


AND ME! - Never eaten healthy. ever.  Wasn't until my second kid that my metabolism caught up to me


Our big plan is accountabilty with each other.  we are going to be group messaging each other to stay motivated and stay on track.  This weekend will be spent cleaning our fridges of "no no" foods, shopping, menu planning and reading the whole3o book.


Our last day will be right before TURKEY DAY so that should prove to be interesting!

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Here is the vegetarian shopping list for your sister:


The vegetarian plan does not deliver the same results as the conventional plan, but it is an improvement for most vegetarians. Note: People following the conventional plan cannot eat foods from the vegetarian list that are banned on the conventional plan. These foods are a concession to make the vegetarian plan work for vegetarians. 

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I'm also starting a Whole30 on Monday the 27th. It will be my second one. I would say I extended my first Whole30 for several months because it worked so well for me. But, like a lot of people, I have slipped back into old habits (making excuses for sugar and bread, for example).


Stress has been a big factor for me lately. So this is one way to "take charge" -- to try to control *something* in my life, if you know what I mean!


Looking forward to checking back on the boards to get support.

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