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Let's do this! DMC's first Whole30


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I have been hearing about Paleo concepts for sometime and never really gave much thought to it. Those that mentioned it to me were clear that it was not a diet but a way of living. Again, not much thought was given to it.  What made me realize that I needed to change my ways was a series of recent doctors appointments, everything from fatigue, headaches, scattered thoughts and more. After several tests, the doctor found nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing. This was my wake up call. I needed to change my habits. 


My adventure has begun. 


Timeline: Oct. 24th through Nov. 22nd


Starting Stats:



Before pictures were taken and immediately burned 


*I realize that weight should not be a main factor in this program however I wouldn't mind losing a few LB's while I'm at it. 


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Day One: 10/24



Egg scramble with 3 eggs, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach. Coffee with coconut milk.



Salad with kale, spinach, chard, mushrooms, 3 eggs, bell peppers, avocado, tomato, olive oil, balsamic. Iced green tea.



Banana, kiwi. Cashews.



Salmon, asparagus, sweet potatoes



I really thought I would start off today in a great place with all of the prep I had done in the days prior.  My 3 year old daughter woke up at 5am and would not go back to sleep which immediately put me in a crappy mood being that this was 2 hours before I thought I would get up. I snapped out of it mid morning and was fine the rest of the day. I had a killer sweet craving mid-day which prompted the snack of banana and kiwi. It did not satisfy my sweet tooth but I stuck it out anyway. I need to find an alternative coffee creamer. Coconut milk will not cut it for the next 30 days. I'll be more likely to cut coffee out completely than continue to drink it, probably a good thing.

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Day 2: 10/25


Breakfast: leftover sweet potatoes and asparagus turned into a hash with andoullie sausage and 2 fried eggs, strawberries. Coffee w/ coconut milk "creamer".


Snack: Apple Pie Larabar. (never had one before and although it tasted good and satisfied my sweet tooth I had a killer headache immediately after)


Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs. Salad with kale, chard, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, bell peppers, avocado and one can organic chicken seasoned with EVOO, dill weed, garlic, lemon juice. Dressing was EVOO and lemon juice. 


Dinner: Ribeye steak, brussels sprouts, pineapple. 


I still feel pretty good. I so wanted to chug my daughters milk as I poured her an ice cold glass at breakfast this morning. I refrained. Instead of using plain coconut milk in my coffee this morning I used the recipe found online that blends coconut milk, egg and coconut oil (no dates or sweeteners) to make a "creamer". Wasn't any better than the plain coconut milk. Going to try drinking tea tomorrow in lieu of coffee. We shall see. 


I will be attending my first social gathering (Baby Shower) on Day 3. I'm a little nervous but confident that I will be able to figure it all out!

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Your meal composition was good, but I have a few notes. :)


Eating anything sweet to satisfy a sweet tooth makes things worse over time. So eating fruit or a larabar when you want something sweet undermines your progress. We recommend eating protein and fat when you want something sweet to extinguish the craving rather than feed it. 


And although larabars are technically compliant during a Whole30, we allow them as emergency food, not as snack food or a meal replacement. 


I like your idea of drinking tea instead of coffee. There are 1000s of varieties and you can find something that works. If you need cream and sugar to enjoy coffee, you don't really like coffee. 

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Thank you, Tom! I appreciate the advice!

What about fruit with a meal? ie. I had strawberries with my steak and eggs this morning. Not to feed the sweet tooth but more as a lighter, more refreshing side to the protein based meal?

I will definitely be more conscious of feeding my sugar craving.

On a side note, I had a dream that I was eating huge, fluffy, plate-sized pancakes drenched in butter and syrup. After eating them in the dream I immediately had the guilty feeling and forced a do-over of the W30. Hopefully my subconscious continues to fight the food dreams!

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Day 3- 10/26


**As I type this my husband is sitting on the bed next to me chowing down on a huge bowl of fresh popped popcorn covered in butter. I hate him. 


Breakfast: Hash with potatoes, bell pepper, onion, steak and 2 eggs. Black tea with coconut milk "creamer". Strawberries and pineapple. 


Lunch: (While at a Babyshower!) salad with tomatoes, black olives, olive oil and vinegar. Steamed/seasoned green beans, broccoli, red peppers. 3 beef meatballs (no bread filler). Banana. Iced tea, no sweetener. 


Dinner: ground beef lettuce wraps with onion, mushrooms, red bell peppers, yellow squash. Seasoned with coconut aminos and spices. 


I'm giving up on the coconut milk creamer in coffee or tea. I would rather drink plain tea and will be doing so going forward. I embarked on my first meal "out" today and attended a baby shower hosted at a Golf Course. My mom was hosting so I asked her what was going to be served ahead of time. After the food was set-up on the buffet I asked the server to bring me a separate salad (same as the one one the buffet) but without dressing or cheese. I picked off the beans that were on top and used EVOO and vinegar. The buffet also had steamed veggies and meatballs without sauce and I asked the server how the meatballs were made and if they used bread as a filler and she said no. 


Overall, I think Day 3 was pretty painless, mostly because I was busy I think. I did have to say EFF OFF to the M&M's all over the tables, cake and cookies at the shower as well as to my husband who has now finished the equivalent of a VW Beetle sized bowl of buttered popcorn.  Bring on Day 4! 

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Do you like coffee?  At first I never thought I'd get used to black coffee but I realized that quality/type actually matters.  Turns out I like lighter roasts (Columbian, Starbucks Blonde) and when I actually buy *good* coffee I actually really like it black.  Granted when I'm not being super strict putting some half and half in makes it taste better :) but I've really come to enjoy black coffee.  

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Thanks littleg! I generally drink my coffee with cream and slightly sweetened. It's definitely more cream than sugar and I think with the right coffee, I may enjoy it black!  I drank green tea this morning and it was good and satisfied my "habit" of drinking a nice hot cup of something on the way to work. 

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Day 4- 10/27


Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, grapes, strawberries, watermelon. Green tea. 


Lunch: green salad with carrots, chicken breast, 2 hard boiled eggs, balsamic and EVOO


Snack: 1 hard boiled egg, 1 apple


Dinner: Chicken thighs sautéed in EVOO and spices, salad with Tessemae's balsamic dressing, green beans. 



Today was a good day. Minor cravings mid-day and then I realized I probably didn't eat enough at lunch and was actually hungry. I withheld from the chocolate croissants and blueberry scones that were brought into the office for a birthday celebration today so that was a success. I am definitely entering into the "kill all things" phase as I bit my husbands head off several times this evening. Tomorrow I leave town on a business trip for 3 days. It's 2 hours from home so I will be driving and I have already packed an ice chest filled with pre-made meals and grab and go items. I will however also need to eat out 2-3 times for client meetings so that will make for an interesting week. Thankfully most of my co-workers and clients are health conscious as well and I have the opportunity to pick the restaurants. The hard part will be alcohol. I am dying for a glass of wine and that is ALWAYS something that takes place at these gatherings. I will refrain however I'm sure the rumors and speculation that I am pregnant will be in full force after this week! 


** On a side note, I found that Safeway carries the Tessemae brand dressings but they do NOT carry the Mayo. At least not at the Safeway I tried today. I am a little bummed by this since I have 2 failed attempts at making my own mayo  :(

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Any chance you have an immersion blender?  I make mayo by plopping all the ingredients in the jar and then I use the immersion blender and it comes out perfect.  I don't really like mayo so it's not so helpful in my life, but I do appreciate that I can make it so much easier than that drizzle slowly while stirring constantly for five minutes technique. 


And Tessamaes!  Ahhhh.  I love their wing sauce.  

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I tried to make mayo in the regular blender, drizzling slowly, the first time and it was very yellow, chunky and separated. I bought an immersion blender and tried again and the same thing happened. I used Bertolli Light olive oil and a room temp egg. Am I not waiting long enough for the emulsion to happen? 

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Day 5- 10/28


Breakfast- potatoes, ground beef, 1 egg


Snack- cashews, banana


Lunch- salad with butter lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, eggs, mushrooms, avocado, eggs and chicken. Lemon and EVOO. Unsweetened iced tea. 


Dinner- (Restaurant) Roasted free range organic chicken breast & thigh with roasted carrots, sautéed spinach. Mineral water with lime. 


Today is the first of 3 days on the road for a business trip. I ate dinner out but packed the rest of my meals for the day. At the restaurant for dinner, I asked the server to hold the mashed potatoes (butter/cream was included) and just give me more veggies. I confirmed that the veggies were cooked in olive oil rather than butter and told him that I didn't want anything cooked with butter or veg oil. This is the first meal that I've had a bubbly stomach (TMI?) since being on Whole 30. I'm not sure if there was something in the meal that didn't sit well or if they used something that was non-compliant and now my stomach is reacting. 


Tomorrow will be rough because lunch will be on the go (meeting during lunch hour) and I will be attending a team "Happy Hour" event followed by dinner with a friend that I haven't seen in ages. I have packed food for the day and we have already made reservations for dinner at a local restaurant. 


I would love suggestions on dinner choices from the menu:



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Oh no!!!  That is beyond frustrating and especially when you're at this stage of the game.  When I travel, my standby's are sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave, hard boiled eggs, almonds, and carrots.  The hard boiled eggs are the easiest to find because even places like 7-Eleven sometimes sell them.  The meals aren't very exciting, but if you put enough in your body, then you don't have the cravings to off road and you can get through the day.


Gadz - what a horrible disappointment (and expensive too!). 


I just looked at that menu - wowzers!  Things look good! I don't know how you figure out what is actually Whole30 compliant without a lot of questions.  Maybe the steak with chimichurii sauce?  The chimichurri sauce I've made in the past has been all clean ingredients.


You'll get through it.  Or at least I hope you do.  It's worth it and, in a few days, you'll be starting the second week - the DOUBLE digits! 

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Day 6- 10/29


I made it through the day without my pre-packed foods!!   Pheeww!! 


Breakfast- 3 hardboiled eggs and fruit plate (ordered from room service $34 OUCH)


Lunch- Salad from WholeFoods with romaine, eggs, broccoli, turkey breast, EVOO and balsamic


Dinner- New York Steak, roasted cauliflower, artichoke. (Ordered from the previously posted restaurant. Asked for the steak without blue cheese or butter, confirmed the cauliflower was pan roasted with EVOO and requested without parmesan)


A high stress work day today followed by a Happy Hour birthday celebration while watching the Giants vs KC game followed by dinner with a friend. I resisted all bar food and drink and instead had a mineral water with lime and carrot sticks. I was somewhat prepared for dinner as I had reviewed the menu ahead of time and just needed it ask questions of the server. He was very helpful and I was able to settle on a compliant meal. I resisted bread, wine and dessert. I would call this a good day! 

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Day 7- 10/30


I made it! All 3 days of my business trip have been successful!  Now I need a nap...


Breakfast- 3 hard boiled eggs, turkey breast, arugula. Green tea. 


Lunch- Bun-less burger with lettuce and tomato. I did accidentally take 3 bites of my pickle spear (I love pickles!) before I realized what I was doing and that they probably weren't compliant pickles. I left the rest of the spear on the plate.  :o


Snack- Apple while sitting in 3 hours of traffic on my way home from my business trip. I was starving and realized that I didn't eat nearly enough at lunch!


Dinner- Lettuce tacos with ground beef, onions, fresh salsa, shredded carrots and shredded broccoli. 


What a week!! I successfully completed my first week of Whole 30 while traveling for 3 days for intense business meetings. I'm exhausted but excited to see what the next 3 weeks bring! 

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Way to go!  Way to go big time!  My first week of Whole30 was work free and I appreciated how thankful I was for that.  Congratulations for getting through the food crisis.  I'm impressed with how well you handled it and how well you managed to eat.  The room service price for the eggs and fruit was pretty crazy, but well worth it in the long run.


Hope you get a good night's rest and enjoy this next week.

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Thanks, Emma! I'm pretty excited that it all worked out and so far, the days are just ticking away. 


Another bit of good news- I made mayo!! Apparently a third attempt and a YouTube video was all I needed. I also made ghee today, feeling pretty productive! 

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Day 8- 10/31


Ohhhhh the candy... and the wine....


Breakfast- 2 fried eggs and ground beef


Lunch- Bun-less chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, tomato and red onion


Dinner- 2 servings of pumpkin soup (Whole30 Recipe) and large salad


We went to my moms for the evening and there was candy and wine EVERYWHERE!! I didn't touch a piece or a drop! 


*I have't been sleeping well and toss and turn quite a bit at night. Not sure what's going on as I pushed it off as an uncomfortable hotel bed but I did the same thing in my own bed last night too. 

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Day 9- 11/1


Breakfast- Banana & black tea (needed to hit the grocery store this morning!)


Lunch- Canned organic chicken mixed with homemade may, shredded carrots and broccoli served on a bed of lettuce. 


Appetizer- Homemade guacamole and salsa (chips for everyone else) with carrots and celery. 


Dinner- Ribeye steak, green beans and baked sweet potato. 


I slept better last night but I realized I'm due for my monthly visit within the next 3-4 days and it's typical for restless nights and headaches the week prior. Hopefully that's all it is and I can get back to sleep because I'm exhausted today. 


My meals are planned for the majority of the next week and I need to do a little prep tomorrow to make sure I've got things buttoned up. I'll be in the office all week so it should be a lot less stressful to stay on track! 

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Day 10- 11/2


Breakfast- Scrambled eggs, potatoes and sausage

Lunch- 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner- None. 


Today was a rough day. There was a family emergency and I left my house after breakfast and did not get home until midnight. I managed to grab 2 hardboiled eggs from my moms house as we passed through there around lunch time and I did not eat any of the pizza or soda that they had delivered for dinner. I wasn't hungry until I crawled into bed at midnight and started to relax, then my stomach started growling. 

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